Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? Young Readers: Dr. Suess
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Young Readers: Dr. Seuss

I love reading Dr. Seuss to my 3 year-old and it’s one of the few time that she’ll actually stay still for a bit to listen. I started collecting Dr. Seuss books before the little hummingbird was born and enjoy all of them. Here are some of our favorites:

I Can Read With My Eyes Shut Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? -drseusseyesshut1

This book is really great because it promotes reading and all the things you can learn from the written word.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? -1fish2fishredfishbluefish

I have so much fun reading this book to my daughter. It’s a must in your children’s library.

Fox In Socks

Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? -Dr. Suess Fox in Sox

My husband loves reading this book because it’s some tongue twisting fun and he loves the the tweetle beetles.

Green Eggs And Ham Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? drseussgreen

I’m not going to lie. When I read this sometimes, I skip pages because it can be so repetitive but this is still a great book.

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? drseussthinks

This is my all time favorite Dr. Seuss book with such a great message. When I read this with my daughter, I love that it shows if she sets her mind to something, she can accomplish anything.

The Cat In The Hat Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? drseusshat1

This is such a classic and has recently been one of my daughter’s favorite bedtime reads.

What are some of your favorite Dr. Seuss books?


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