You Know You’re A Working Mom When…

10. You consider 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep a “great night”

9. Applying makeup and curling your hair on the commuter train is a several-times-weekly ritual

8. After yet another night of 1.5 hours of cumulative sleep, you pray that your boss does not ask you a question in the Monday morning meeting

7. You have fallen asleep in the bathroom stall at work… more than once

6. Your work suits are replaced by peanut butter and boogers most weeknights by 7pm

5. You fight the impulse to murder everyone in the room when someone tells you to “Enjoy your time off!” right before maternity leave

4. You think the hands-free breast pump bra-thingy is the BEST INVENTION EVER

3. You have locked yourself in the bathroom to finish a conference call while your children scream “I want to play with you!!!”

2. Your definition of success includes walking out the door fully clothed with matching shoes

1. You have ever reached into your bag for a business card, and instead pulled out a Hot Wheels car…

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