WTF? – Worst In-Law Stories

In-laws are famous for being, well…special. They’re the lovely people who come to visit you on holidays (and more frequently, if you’re lucky!) and always have some words of wisdom to share with you.

Some of us are blessed to have great in-laws…others, not so much. But even if you have great in-laws, chances are you still have at least one horror story—unwanted opinions, awkward conversations at dinner, pressure to have a baby…or maybe you had an experience like this one (yikes).

Now Felicity Huffman wants to hear your worst in-law stories! The bad, the really really bad, the outrageous, and even the funny ones. Do you want to skip town when you hear your in-laws are coming to visit? Tell us why! What The Flicka is your place to spill the dirt. Let it all out in the comments below and let’s have some fun with this one!

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