WTF: We’re Thankful For…

We asked our contributors what they’re feeling thankful for this Thanksgiving and they were kind enough to share their answers with us, and you! Apparently a lot of us are thankful for wine. And coffee. Because how else would we manage?

Crystal Ponte
I’m thankful for my five wonderful children and granddaughter who are affectionately known as 91-93-99-11-13+1. I’m also thankful for the little things: food on the table, a roof over my head, and the delicious aroma of an early morning cup of coffee. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ashlen Shaeffer
My one of a kind family, friends, being self employed, and the amazing opportunities that have been presented to me. I am one lucky gal!

Julia Arnold
I’m thankful for my wonderful husband and two hilarious children, of course, but I am also thankful for Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds, Sam Adams beer, Twitter, reruns of Modern Family, and good books. Add all of those ingredients to one sunny, warm day on a beach, and it would quite possibly be the Best Day Ever.

Karen Baking in a Tornado
I’m thankful for the kids who inspire me to find so many new uses for chocolate.
I’m thankful for the chocolate that inspires me to survive having kids.

Kathy Radigan
I’m grateful for lipstick, because no matter how tired and stressed out I may be I always look a little bit better with something glossy on my lips. I’m very grateful I’m not a turkey, because although I know I would love all the attention I get one month a year, we all know what happens to the poor bird come the big day. And I’m so grateful and blessed to have my husband and three children in my life.

Bryanne Salazar
Life can be hard as a military spouse. Our partners deploy, we are forced to pick up and move every few years, and the money – well, it’s a constant struggle to stay within our budget. With all the stresses of this life, there are so many blessings, too. My children have grown into compassionate, articulate and adaptable young men, and I have learned how to be self reliant even in the most trying of times. My husband has stood by me (physically or figuratively) through 18 years of ups and downs and he is truly the best friend I’ve ever known. I’ve also had the joy of finding support and friendship in fellow military spouses who are there to lend a helping hand or a laugh when I’m feeling low. I’m grateful for this life, and for the challenges that have made me, as well as other military family members so incredibly resilient.

Danielle Herzog
I am thankful for my husband and children. And for the invention of wine so I can appreciate said husband and children when they are asleep and not talking.

Rachel Lubarsky
I am thankful for 1.5 liters of Chardonnay!

Jennifer Lizza
I find at the holidays I am most thankful for family…and also wine.

Stephanie Baroni Cook
Every moment that me and my husband get to spend together as a family with our baby girl. The military takes him away often, so I am thankful for the days that they don’t. Sometimes this means we have to celebrate holidays on non-holidays, but THANKFULLY, this year we get to celebrate them when they actually happen!

Carmen Rodriguez
I am thankful that most major department stores have moved up the Black Friday time early Thanksgiving night. This means my husband can’t drag me out at the butt-crack of dawn to buy a TV I don’t need.

Jill Robbins
I am thankful for a food group I call coffee-wine-chocolate. Nuff said.

Estelle Erasmus
I’m thankful that I prepared my career as a journalist, author and magazine editor before I had my daughter in midlife. The work of early motherhood is hard, and I don’t think I could have split my focus between building a career and becoming a mom before I did. So I’m grateful that I have a career already in place and can enjoy my daughter without stressing over the professional part of my life.

Kristen Bagwell
This holiday season, I am grateful for “too much to do.” Normally this would stress me out, but during the holidays, I like to think of it as abundance. (It usually works, too!) No matter what I name it, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Marie Bollman
I’m thankful for an amazing blogging community that has laughed with me (and at me) throughout my journey as a mom. Oh, and I’m thankful for Michael Buble too.

JJ Keeler
I am thankful for my toddler and, on a related note, red wine. : )

Dawn Yanek
As a mom, of course I am most thankful for my incredibly sweet and adorably dimpled almost-3-year-old because, well, he’s just amazing and he’s all mine. But what I’m extra thankful for is that he came along at just the right time—when I was 100 percent ready to be his mom—and I don’t take one bit of him or our time together for granted.

Beth Markley
I’m super thankful for my family, my health, good food on the table and a roof over my head, and all that, but I also want to acknowledge a couple of the more obscure things I appreciate:

Sports bras – I’m so thankful sports bras have evolved since I started running in the 80s. Back then, we all looked like Madonna on tour. Today’s sports bra keeps stuff immobile without being scratchy or uncomfortable. It’s all about the squish. Three cheers for the uniboob.

The fact that no one around here has ever had head lice – Knock on wood, none of these creepy crawlies has ever been borne over our threshold via any of our progeny. I’ve known people who sought family counseling after going through rounds of de-lousing.

Helen Mitternight
I am grateful with each one of my senses this Thanksgiving:

With my sight – for my daughter’s grin as she realizes how delicious life is at 24
With my smell – for my husband’s chest as I nestle in to sleep, the smell that always means “home”
With my hearing – for my dog’s snore, which means this former stray feels safe enough to relax
With my touch – for the firm kneading of a good massage, my monthly indulgence
With my taste – for red wine and dark chocolate, the combination of the gods

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