I Wish I Was More Like My 6 Year Old

When I was 6 I was a bratty 1st grader. I played outside with the neighborhood kids, did my chores and tried not to kill my little sister. I was a kid, acted like a kid, thought like a kid. The only thing I worried about was what was for dinner and if my mom was going to make me take a bath. I was like most 6 year olds today, unless, that is, you’re talking about my 6 year old Sophia.

Sophia’s idea of fun is figuring out her next fundraiser. It’s thinking of ways to help people in her class, her school, our community and even around the world. At the age of 4 my husband and I helped her organize a fundraiser for a local non-profit charity called Zapatos Sin Fronteras (Shoes without Boarders). Sophia had seen something about helping people on TV and decided to take action. She asked my husband and me if we could find a local charity that helped kids. I went on a search for non-profits and found ZSF. I spoke with the founders and scheduled a meeting so that Sophia could explain what she wanted to do.

It just so happened that they were planning a mission to Mexico and Guatemala where they would be providing shoes and food to children in the rural mountain towns. That was it, this is what she wanted to do so the planning began. By that summer (she was now 5) it was time for the big bbq to take place. We wanted to make sure the word got out, we held an event on Facebook and let family and friends know. Someone even let the local newspaper know and she was interviewed for the front page. The article was called “Tribune Opinion: We could all follow in altruistic 5-year-old’s footsteps.” She rose over $500 that day.

This just ignited her love for helping people. Since then she’s grown out her hair and donated it to locks of love, has collected canned goods, jackets, you name it for those in need and is now donating boxes of goods to unit of soldiers stationed overseas for Christmas (that’s what she asked us for her present to be this year for Christmas).

This is why I wish I was more like my 6 year old. To have such a big heart, so many ideas and want to change the world at such a young age is bananas to me. Not to mention how unbelievably selfless she is. The girls got an old soul. I always tell her that I’m going to have to take a page from the Book of Sophia to try and be a better person. She always laughs and tells me she’s a good person because of me. My response is always that I am a good person because of her and her sister.. I can’t wait to see the things she accomplishes in life. I’m just glad I get to sit shotgun on the ride of her life.

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