Why I Drink Cold Coffee

7:30 am – I get coffee ready…grind beans, find filters, fill water, add vodka etc.

8:30 am – I feed kids and pets (not vodka).

8:45 am – I take my coffee mug out of the cabinet.

9:15 am – I dress my kids.

9:45 am – I clean my coffee mug. Whoever emptied the dishwasher last, emptied the dirty dishes. For the next three days I’ll be finding all kinds of surprises in my cups and spoons.

10:15 am – I feed my kids again, because they didn’t eat the first time.

10:30 am – I brew my coffee, because I’m not getting any younger.

11:00 am – I put child #2 down for scheduled nap.

11:15 am – I pour coffee.

11:30 am – I get child #2 up from her thirty minute nap, because Mother Nature is cruel.

11:40 am – I get child #1 a snack because she didn’t eat breakfast and she’s hungry.

11:45 am – I heat up coffee in the microwave while I negotiate with my two-year-old what snacks, other than suckers, she can eat.

11:50 am – I play with, or read to, child #1 while she eats her sucker.

12:00 pm – I take my first sip of coffee.

12:05 pm – I reheat coffee.

12:30 pm – I put child #1 down for scheduled nap.

12:40 pm – I reheat my coffee while I try to pull the sucker off the cat.

12:50 pm – I take two sips of coffee and reheat.

1:00 pm – I move the laundry into the dryer.

1:10pm – I chug cold coffee because I refuse to be defeated.

Originally posted at Christina’s blog. Photo courtesy of Precision Nutrition.