Who The Flicka?: Cheryl Nicholl

Who The Flicka? is an ongoing series where we spotlight our amazing contributors and make them answer our questions. 

This week’s featured contributor is Cheryl Nicholl, author of posts like “11 Foolproof Husband Hacks,” and “8 Life Lessons From My 82 Year Old Mother“. 

Where are you from?

The Connecticut Western Reserve (Revolutionary War pay back) area of NE Ohio. Specifically from a little village called Chagrin Falls. Think Bedford Falls from It’s A Wonderful Life except in color.

What do you do?

What don’t I do? (I think most women can relate to that), but on a serious note I’m a retired educator who has dabbled in house flipping. I currently write a blog and attend parties.

Do you have kids?

We have two biological and one that we scooped-up along the way. Our ‘birth’ kids include a son in NYC that is assisting in changing the way we will all travel in the future through new technology. (Very hush-hush). He’s engaged to a fabulous woman and they’re getting married here in New Orleans next spring (SCORE!). Our daughter is in Veterinary school and is currently dating her cat. She recently suggested I refer to her as Dr. Nicholl. I agreed as long as she refers to me as Your Majesty and bows when I enter the room. Our ‘foster’ son is currently in Europe chasing a woman. Some things never change.

Most embarrassing moment?

I once mentioned that I thought a woman’s father was very charming. It was her husband. Oops.

Trading places?

I’d love to be the President for one day just so that I could stop complaining about how easy it would be to change things.

Favorite four letter word?

Can we shorten Son-Of-A-Bitch?