Do You Have What It Takes To Make It Last?

What The Flicka presents: Summer Book Club. Join us each week as we read through the Fifth Avenue Trilogy from Harlequin!

This summer What the Flicka? featured the sizzling romances from Harlequin’s Fifth Avenue Trilogy for our very first book club, two of which we’ve already had fun with: Avenge Me, and Scandalize Me. This month, we’ve sunk our nails deep into the pages of Expose Me, which was written by USA Today bestselling author Kate Hewitt.

Like the first two novels, Expose Me builds on the fiery premise of revenge, lust, power and maybe most importantly, the physical and emotional connection of two unlikely lovers. What’s different is that Expose Me brings the trifecta of climaxes together in one final swoop. In literary terms this is called a dénouement, something one English professor likened to “the smoking of a cigarette after a delightful romp in the sheets.” Beyond the sexual attraction, there was a true connection between Chelsea and Alex, as well as the first two couples in the trilogy, Austen and Katy, and Hunter and Zoe.

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Now that I’m done with the novels (insert pouty face here) I wanted to see what personality traits would be the glue that held each of these passionate couples together. Harlequin is known for their happily-ever-after romance novels, and after sixteen years of my own marriage, I wondered just what these beaus had to make the premise of forever come true.

I borrowed a list of important relationship ingredients from the website Science of Relationships and merged them into one nifty little checklist. Then, I marked off the traits of each of the characters in the trilogy had to see what these lovebirds could offer one another to ensure their relationship lasts.

What I’m not showing you is the scorecard I made for my husband and myself, nor the additional traits I thought were important, like putting the toilet seat down and buying copious amounts of chocolate for your emotionally-charged significant other. But, I digress.

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Do You Have What It Takes To Make It Last?

I’m no relationship expert, but it was clear to me that the lovers of Harlequin’s Fifth Avenue Trilogy have some serious skills in the relationship department. From knowledge and warmth to creativity and generosity, they each have attributes that solidify the chance of eternal love, and that’s no easy task. Some of the characters exuded these qualities more than others, and so they got a check-plus, and anyone in the under 10-years-old crowd knows that means “better than all the rest.”

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It was hard to delineate between each of the characters because many of them had instances of all these traits, but I tried to focus on which characters had these qualities consistently. Take a few moments and see how you and your significant other match up on the score card. I have to say that these characters, although imaginary, really made me and my hubby look like slackers.

I love when a novel takes me out of the real world, which we all know can be less than romantic, and incites a flame in my heart, leaving me hopeful for the future of love in general. Thanks to these delicious fictional tales of passion, pleasure and purposeful revenge, my fantasy of lovers who ride off into the sunset is renewed. Love-eternal can happen, because Harlequin tells me so. If you haven’t indulged in the scintillating pages of this trilogy, I can only encourage you to run, not walk, to your nearest bookstore/computer/smart phone and get your fingers on a copy of all three. Bring a towel, because the stories are so steamy, you may need to pat yourself dry. Then go kiss your lover passionately, and tell them they can thank our book club for the reading-with-benefits.

The Harlequin Fifth Avenue series has it all: love, revenge, and passion. Make sure to pick up your copies today!

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