Watch This Trans Teenager’s Emotional Reaction To Getting Her First Dose Of Hormones

Mom Erica Maison surprised her transgender daughter Corey with her first dose of hormones which she had been waiting over TWO YEARS to receive. She captured the emotional moment on video and we’re still not over it!

In the beginning, Corey seems prepared for a prank or a less-desirable surprise. She asks her mom: “what did you do this time?” (side note – we’re pretty curious to know what her mom has done previously to elicit that reaction). But once Corey realized what was in the box hiding behind the couch cushions, she immediately tackled her mom in a huge hug.

“This was it, this was the most pivotal turning point in her life, and we both knew it,” Erica said of the emotions captured in the video.

See Buzzfeed for the rest of Corey’s story and her reaction after the video.