Watch This Hilarious Parody Video That Completely Destroys Dove-Style ‘Femvertising’ Trend

“They might not even know that they have these insecurities…so it’s really important that we dig them up.”

This is pure heaven. John St., a Canadian-based agency, put out this parody promo that absolutely skewers this marketing trend we’ve seen develop in recent years – femvertising. Companies put out commercials and ads that are meant to empower women, but they merely bring to light a vast array of insecurities that we face everyday!

While the video is ridiculous and hilarious, it’s also very informative. Companies are feeding off of the struggles women face and wrapping it up in a sentimental bow. We love the badass factor in this parody. It’s also important to note that obviously, these cheesy commercials are extremely preferable to the horrible ones women face constantly. As a writer of Feminsting explains perfectly:

“It’s certainly preferable to the slew of blatantly sexist ads that remain a staple of the marketing industry. I was glad, for example, that Always’s tear-jerking #LikeAGirl ad ran during the SuperBowl. And I’d be happy for the fictional ‘All hair is beautiful’ campaign in the video to replace the real Veet’s ‘Body hair will literally turn you into a dude’ one.

But as Alexandra has written of Dove’s brand of self-esteem boosting, such faux-empowerment may make you feel a little better about yourself today, ‘but doesn’t help create a better world.’ And this spoof highlights how fine the line between empowerment and exploitation can be when companies are still relying on targeting women’s insecurities in order to ‘sell more stuff.'” (via)

We love it.