Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Crossed into Mommyhood

Parenthood is a unique thing.

10) Multitasking isn’t just second nature, it’s your only nature


9) Every shirt must have easy boob access, not just the ones for the club

8) It looks like a toy store exploded in your living room

7) You’ve had more conversations about poop in the last few months than you can remember ever having in your entire life


6) I know there’s a word I wanted to use here and I just can’t think of it (mommy brain)


5) You no longer know what it feels like to pee/shower/anything involving the bathroom, with the door closed


4) You have forgotten what it feels like to eat with two hands


3) Cheerios are your new favorite snack


2) The most exciting thing happening at 1am is a dream feed


1) You are now the center and whole world for one lucky little person

This post was originally featured on Melissa’s blog, Los Angeles Mom. Photo via