This Single Father Started A Class To Teach Other Fathers How To Braid Their Daughters Hair

When Philippe Morgese found himself as a single dad to his daughter, she was just a year old, and styling her hair was pretty simple.

But as Emma grew, so did her hair. Morgese quickly realized that simple hair clips just didn’t cut it. He started giving Emma adorable pigtails.

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Pretty soon Emma had a straight-up full of head of hair, and Morgese knew he had to learn more complex hairstyles such as braiding.

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Look at those braids! This dad is seriously talented. Other people and parents quickly began to notice Moregese’s talent.

Over time, Morgese began to get many compliments on Emma’s hair. He also received inquiries from other dads, asking him for advice on how to do hair themselves. (via)

Eventually, Morgese realized other dads could really benefit from learning how to do their daughter’s hair. It not only made him feel great as a father, but it instilled confidence in him as a single parent. It’s important for fathers to know things like how to do their daughters hair, because it brings them closer to their child.

“I get a lot of credit for doing her hair and hear compliments about my role as a father because of it,” he said. “I want other dads to be able to experience that.”

So, Morgese reached out to a local beauty school,International Academy, and asked them if they would provide a space for free for the class. He said he wasn’t sure what response he would get, but they thought it was a great idea. (via)

The turn out for Morgese’s class was awesome. Seven dads and daughters were a part of it, and all  had an amazing experience.

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Morgese said he was so happy with how it turned out, he decided to share photos of the event on Reddit to hopefully inspire others.

Now, Morgese said he plans on holding more classes, and even started a Facebook page for them, which he calls the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory. (via)

We love seeing fathers step up and take initiative with their daughters! Even for fathers who are in a two parents household, this is important! How much stress would it relieve us moms to have our husband take on some parenting duties like braiding hair or picking out clothes? We love it.

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