This Self-Love Beauty Routine Had A Profound Impact On These Women And Their Partners

Revlon decided to conduct a scientific experiment on several real-life couples to see how self-love affected their relationships. 

The experiment’s purpose was to figure out the different ways women open themselves up to love. According to the results, 97% of women had positive results.

First, the couples were asked a series of questions.

How long have you guys been together?


Next, all of the couples were separated and asked questions, individually.

What are the first words that come to mind to describe your relationship?


What are you the most insecure about?


After they were done being asked questions, the women were sent home for a week to try the “Love Test” daily beauty routine that included a ritual that was aimed to open yourself up to loving sometimes the hardest person to love – yourself.

They were then asked back into the BuzzFeed studios, and the changes and energy vibes were so astoundingly different and beautiful! While the women were asked questions, their partners were secretly listening on the other side of the room.

So have you felt differently this week?

The entire video was so positive and uplifting. How often do we get too caught up in the craziness that is motherhood? We barely have time to look in the mirror, let alone compliment ourselves and stay in-tune with our partners. Maybe all we need is to set our alarm three minutes earlier to get up, and tell ourselves we’re beautiful. Because damn! We are.



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