What Is The Best Way To Handle Sibling Rivalry?

Sometimes it can feel like instead of having children, you have a bunch of bloodthirsty tributes competing in the Hunger Games.

Most of us as moms are a little too familiar with the dreaded (and annoying) sibling rivalry. We asked our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends how they deal with their kids’ competitive natures, and the responses are hilarious, honest, and insightful.

Very true!

This feels like the definition of what it means to be a sibling. 

Always our favorite go-to, obviously.

We’re not against it…

That’s what we’re SAYING! 

Classic brothers…always trying to one-up or match each other, even if it means injuries galore. 

Love this! 

Super helpful and insightful. Good to know our little brats are just being normal little brats. 

We can’t argue that one of the best parts about having siblings is the loyalty that goes with it….even if it often includes fighting like crazy. 

Ahhh, yes. The role of a mother! Such a glamorous, thankless life!

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