Things I Never Thought I'd Say as a Mom

After becoming a mom, I swore I wouldn’t say some of the things I was told as a kid. To my surprise, there have been plenty of things I’ve said over the years that I was never expecting to say at all! Here are some of them:

10. Don’t chew on the coffee table.
9. Please stop biting. Those are mommy’s nipples.
8. What is that sticky stuff on my arm? Ahhh, snot.
7. Yes, I’ll buy that if you stop screaming.
6. You can’t hit daddy’s crotch like that.
5. Where are your clothes?
4. What’s in your mouth and where did you get it?
3. Where did your pants go? You just had them on.
2. The cat doesn’t want to be ridden.
1. Because I said so!

What are some of the unexpected things you’ve said to your children?