These Struggling Parents Reading Letters From Their Kids Is Insanely Powerful

“Maybe I think I’m only doing a 7, but if I’ve got a kid to write a letter like this, it’s gotta be closer to 10.”

Being a parent is hard and sometimes you never know if you’re being the best you can be. In this video, parents are pretty hard on themselves and the job they’re doing, but end up getting a heartwarming surprise.

After being asked how they thought they were doing, some parents looked back on what they wish they could have done better.

Others still wonder if they are doing the right thing every day.

One father admits how difficult it is trying to be a “good parent.”

Then the kids were asked to write about their parents, and they had nothing but good things to say.

You’re doing better than you think mom and dad.

This post was originally featured on Buzzfeed.