These Mature Middle Schoolers Talk About What It’s Like To Date In Middle School

“Some of the boys at this school are, like, really ratchet.”

 If your idea of a perfect date is going to Starbucks or Chipotle, then you might be Skellie or you might be a middle schooler. A group of 12ish year olds sat down to answer the hard-hitting questions of relationships like, “What is dating like?”.

Now, if you’re an experienced dater (and older than 12) your answer would probably be something like “Dating sucks balls because you have to remember to shave your legs”. Am I right? But if you’re still testing out the ‘dating’ waters like these kiddos there are some things to be learned. However, we do like the idea of taking a date to CVS; cheap candy and boxed wine?

These youngsters might be onto something.