The Sleepover

My husband, Peter is having some minor heart surgery. Irregular heart beat. So they do what’s called an ablation. Pretty common, but a little scary nonetheless. I mean, it’s his heart, right? My husband’s heart. He has to stay overnight in the hospital and I want to be there with him as much as possible. I want to make sure no one amputates his leg accidentally or gives him a tiny blue pill instead of the tiny yellow pill he’s supposed to take.

I had it all figured out, our babysitter was going to come at the crack of dawn, then take our 4yr old to school, then pick her up later, make her dinner, give her a bath then put her to sleep. I figured I’d come back home late, shower, get some sleep then get back on the rode in the AM to sit by my Peter’s bedside again.

But the phone rang last night at dinner. It was a mom from preschool. “Why don’t you let me pick Harper up from school, take her and Lochlan out to dinner. Then she can come back here for a movie, ice cream bath and slumber party. This way you don’t have to worry about anything and you can be with Peter.” I felt the tears flooding my eyes and I got that weird throat thing that happens when you try to talk while simultaneously trying not to cry. “REALLY? REALLY? Are you sure? Oh my God. Thank you! That would save us so much money on childcare not to mention peace of mind. Are you sure? Harper is really strong willed. I mean…. this kid can really work it.” Anne said, “I think I can handle it.” I told her I’d run it by Harps and call her back.

Well I told Harper about the sleepover idea and she got very excited. She began dancing in place. She’s heard of sleepovers, but she’s never had one. She just turned 4. This makes her feel like a big girl. We called back and we put our kids on the phone with each other on speaker. Lochlan, “Harper would you like to sleep over my house tomorrow?” Harper, with her face pressed against my cell phone, “Yes. That sounds like a good idea.” And so it was.

I spent the next hour writing what can only be described as a sleepover manifesto to Anne.

She can’t have too much ice cream because of a lactose thing. On that note, no milk. She can’t use regular toothpaste because the sodium laurel sulfate gives her sores in her mouth, so there’s a special toothpaste I’ll pack. She’s very tender headed, so I’m packing a special brush that doesn’t hurt her as much. She sleeps with a lovey and a stuffed animal. Tomorrow she will sleep with heart bear. She likes pajamas but gets hot when she sleeps. So I packed a long sleeve top because she gets cold after the bath, and a tank pajama top when she gets hot. Sometimes she gets so hot that she takes off all of her clothes and sleeps like that. In that case, I packed extra panties because I’m sure you don’t want her to be naked while sleeping with Lochlan. Sometimes she gets bad gas or tummy aches so I packed children’s pepto bismol and homeopathic gas drops. Occasionally she gets earaches due to allergies. So I’m packing children’s ibuprofen. Her lunch box will be in her cubby or the class fridge. There is a bag with her pillow pet, pajamas, medicine, toothbrush, toothpaste, lovey, heart bear, extra panties and clothes for the next day on TOP of the cubbies because it wont fit IN her cubby. My passcode for the preschool’s security system is ***** And last but not least, if Harper wants to come home, my babysitter is on call. Call her and she will come get her. She will then call me and I will come home. Oh, and thanks again. You’re a saint. Truly.

Well it’s time to go to bed. We have to get up at 5am, so we can get to the hospital by 6am. Minor heart surgery. Kind of silly to say “minor”. I look over at my husband. He’s asleep. I touch his face. Poor thing. They’re going to go through his leg, put him under general anesthesia, do whatever they do. To his heart. My Man. My soul mate. If anything happned to him I’m not sure what I’d do. I’m having trouble sleeping. In fact I can’t sleep at all. I hold his hand. Take a deep breath, and the same thought keeps crossing my mind over and over again…




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