The Real Mom Workout

It is a new year. Lists have been made. Resolutions have been firmly committed to. Perhaps even a few have been broken. At some point in my resolution making for this year I decided that I wouldn’t put things like diet, workout, organize my house….etc because I never stick to those.

Today it occurred to me that although I do not belong to a gym, I DO have a workout routine. It probably doesn’t burn an impressive amount of calories, but it works. Or at least that is what I’m telling myself.

This workout does not require flipping tires or running half marathons. You won’t find 800 dumbbells or kettlebells or whateverbells in various weights to lift or throw or torque. There is no accompanying diet of 200 calories to restrict yourself to.

Instead the workout features sweat producing movements like this:

Chop wood
Bring wood into house
Wash dishes or cook dinner WITH two small children in tow
Let the dog outside in his yard area
Chase down dog when he runs away
Biting your tongue during Arsenic Hour
Dialing a phone
Breathing exercises (read: furious huffing and puffing when you get interrupted two zillion times)
Finding the toddler’s other shoe
Retrieving objects out of time out from the top of the refrigerator
Putting all the toys away. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Trying not to roll over your children when they all bombard your bed in the middle of the night

In no time at all you will have toned patience, flexible memory loss, and increased endurance for your exhaustion.

This post was originally featured on Sarah’s blog, Housewife Plus. Photo via