The “Lady” Scout Martini

In case you haven’t noticed, Flicka Friends, we are smack dab in the middle of Girl Scout cookie season. It has been all over my news feed on Facebook, I’m getting phone calls from local Girl Scouts, they’re ringing my doorbell, etc. – these girls are DETERMINED!

In honor of cookie season, I thought a Girl Scout cookie cocktail would be appropriate. What I am about to show you is nothing short of a miracle, for it tastes like a liquid Thin Mint. Behold, The “Lady” Scout Martini!!! (You’re welcome.)

2 shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream
3 or 4 shots of Vodka (can be plain or chocolate!)
2 shots of Creme de Menthe
2 shots of Kahlua
Fresh mint leaves (garnish)
Thin Mint cookies (optional)

Pour all ingredients over ice into a martini shaker and shake until nice and frothy. Strain into 2 cocktail glasses or even stemless wine glasses if you want to get fancy. Garnish each with fresh mint leaves and a Thin Mint cookie. Or 5. Cheers!