Thank You For Your Service

Happy Holidays; hope you’re enjoying your time with your loved ones.

A couple years ago I was stranded in Denver, and wasn’t going to make it to my family by Christmas morning. So I found, what must have been, the last rental car in Colorado with no snow tires and no radio and drove. It took me 7 hours, but I made it. I had to see my children’s faces on Christmas morning.

I have been reading a lot about WWII and WWI (which ironically and fittingly they call the Great War). Consequently I have been thinking about our men and women in uniform, serving our country, putting their lives on the line everyday. Many of them missed their families this Christmas. If only they could jump in a car and drive home through a snowstorm. They didn’t get to see their children’s faces on Christmas morning, or groan as they get woken up too early because their kids can’t wait anymore, or smile watching the hysteria and sheer joy of opening presents, or comfort the cries when the sugar rush wears off, or negotiate a fight when a sister or brother breaks the new toy. They didn’t get to experience any of that this Holiday season because they are in service to our country.

So, I wanted to say, thank you. Thank you for your service, your courage and your sacrifices. Thank you to your families for their courage and sacrifices. My family is thinking of you and your loved ones this holiday season and sending you our thoughts and prayers.

God bless,