Texting Acronyms For Moms

We all use LOL and WTF, but what if there was a texting shorthand just for moms? I think it would look something like this:

EYDB: Eat your damn broccoli

LI: Losing it

IBY: Is it bedtime yet?

EFT: Epic freaking tantrum

WTPA: Want to pee alone

HS: Haven’t showered

HSx3: Haven’t showered in 3 days

PAP: Privates are private

PYPA: Put your penis away

CTKGB: Can’t talk kids going batshit

GTB: Go to bed

GTBN: Go to bed now

FGTBN: F*cking go to bed now

2D12G: Two down, one to go

HWSKSMN: Home with sick kid shoot me now

GP: Going postal

BBMK: Bit by my kid

WTKH: Want to kill husband

BHLH: Boobs hurt like hell

DWK: Driving with kids

HLLS: House looks like a shithole

FI5: Fuck it’s 5am

UAL: Up all night

DA: Diaper ass-plosion

BN: Bitten nipple

WMSB: Wiping my son’s butt

WATT: Worry all the time

NABJ: Need a boob job

What are some of your own mom acronyms? Add them in the comments below!

Originally posted at Deva’s blog.