Ten Recipes To Try Out This Month


I often seem to have a theme running through many of my posts in any given month. I don’t do this on purpose. I think that I get inspired by an ingredient, have a few ideas in my head and want to execute them all. Sometimes I end up with one success and a disaster or two. But if I’m really lucky, I have a few recipes to post.

So if what July said about me was “hey world, I love fresh berries”, then August says “I’m nuts for pistachios.”

Ultimately I published 10 recipes in August and although I certainly didn’t use pistachios in all of them, they’re featured in three. There’s also a good variety of posts. For meals I published 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner. There was also 1 pie and 4 other desserts.

1) I made a quick and easy stovetop pizza using leftover BBQ pork:

Stovetop BBQ Pork and Apple Pizza

2) A light pasta dish that’s a full meal:

Seafood Angel Hair Florentine

3) Berry season is coming to an end. Take full advantage while you still can:

Dark Chocolate Chip Berry Bread Pudding

4) If you’re a lover of fruit (and pie) this one is versatile and delicious:

Fruit Lovers’ Pie

5) This simple breakfast roll up was inspired by the classic Eggs Benedict dish:

Crab Benedict Breakfast Roll ups

6) Strawberry and Lemonade in cheesecake form. These disappeared in one day:

Strawberry Lemonade Squares

7) Dessert Pizzas are so easy to make and so impressive to serve. This one uses toffee and pistachios and is decorated with a bit of white chocolate.

Pistachio Toffee Dessert Pizza

8) My white chocolate pistachio brownies are moist and chewy:

White Chocolate Pistachio Brownies

9) These warm chicken pockets can be made from scratch or with leftover chicken. Perfect for lunch or for dinner:
Warm Chicken Pockets

10) Cream cheese and pistachio filled thick slices of french toast with a toasted pistachio crust:

Pistachio Cream Cheese French Toast