Talking to Kids: The Ups and Downs of Friendship

Friendships are valuable assets to people of all ages, children and adults alike. And when it comes to our kids, all we want to see and know is that they’re developing healthy relationships with individuals outside of their immediate family. (That’s right, we’re not their only friends…!)Monitoring their interaction with friends from school and clubs, though, can get tricky, especially when opportunities for parental involvement can be rather limited.

Watch as Dr. Shimi Kang explains how to achieve a fair balance when it comes to involving ourselves in our kids’ relationships, and how we can teach them about developing healthy friendships too.

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Boredom: every parent’s nightmare when it comes to their kid’s fixation level. At your busiest, it’s easy to immediately scramble to find something that’ll keep your kids busy at the first signs of disinterest. That typically means more time for you to keep busy just the same.