As a mom, we’re constantly seeking advice, referrals, opinions, and so forth from other parents. I have scoured the internet searching for “the best _________ to use for _____.”

Lately, I have had many friends become mommies and daddies and I have been asked many of these questions. As a new mom I always wished there was some kind of magic list, letting me know what products and brands to use and what not to use.

It has taken long hours of research, phone calls with my mommy friends, trial and error, but after three kids, numerous daycare kids, and other moms’ experiences, I’ve compiled my own list of my favorite baby/toddler/preschooler products and recommendations. I call it my “as close as you’ll get to a parenting manual” list. I know these things come in handy for all parents.

To Use for Diaper Rash: A & D Ointment (no cream…unless it’s the only thing on hand). When I notice red butts, A & D goes on immediately. A & D has vitamins to help heal but it also creates a barrier from urine and poop in the diaper, which is something cream and paste diaper rash products do not do. A visit to the doctor may be required if A & D doesn’t work or the rash gets worse. Yeast is a common problem in any child wearing a diaper and a bad diaper rash may require an ointment especially for yeast. If this is the case, use the yeast ointment first and apply a light layer of A & D over it to create a barrier so the yeast medication can do it’s job.

Best Diapers: Target’s Up & Up brand. They’re non-scented, cheap, super durable, and don’t have harsh chemicals. My oldest was a Pampers only kid, my middle was a Huggies only kid, by the time the third came we just wanted something to hold the pee in….and we found it. I highly recommend trying these diapers out. I was (and still am) surprised at how awesome these diapers are–I like them much better than Pampers and they hold up as well as Huggies.

Best Wipes: Target’s Up & Up brand non-scented wipes. They’re hypoallergenic, clean up the messiest of messes, and decently priced. I know some of my parent friends feel that they’re a bit too thin, but I’ve never had an issue with them.

Best Sippy Cup: Playtex sippys. All Playtex cups and valves are interchangeable with each other, which helps big time when reaching for a cup and can’t find the lid….just grab one off of another sippy! Playtex makes beginner sippys with handles, insulated sippys (which are a fav around here as they keep the kids’ milk and water cold for long periods of time), or lightweight sippys which are perfect for a little one year old’s hands.

Best Bottles: All three of my kids have used different bottles and my favorite among the three have been the Playtex Ventaire (they make wide and regular-I prefer the regular size). I know many of my parent friends recommend Dr. Brown bottles, but there’s just too many parts and pieces for my liking. The most helpful suggestion I received was to purchase several different bottles and try them out. Even doing that, we had to go out a purchase a couple of more until we found the one that worked best for each baby.

Best Burp Clothes: Skip anything that says burp clothes and go right for Gerber cloth diapers. These are so much more absorbant than any burp clothes I’ve used, easier to wash (they don’t stain as much), easier to put around a baby’s chin while drinking a bottle, and fit nicely on your shoulder.

Best Board Books: These are a MUST HAVE for babies and toddlers. I’ve recently discovered these are handy for children learning to read. For a while there, my two oldest had outgrown board books, but with Max beginning to read, these are the perfect books for him. Easy to read, large letters, and he loves reading them to his little sister! Two of my favorite children’s authors are Leslie Patricelli and Sandra Boynton. Another tip-look for their books (and all other board books) at TJ Maxx as they are usually half the price as book stores.

Best Infant Toy: Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. I don’t know if it’s the music or the lights that captivate attention, but I’ve seen a five year old yank this toy away from a baby so they could take a look at it.. It’s small which makes it easy for little hands to hold, makes a great car seat toy, or easy to throw in the diaper bag when headed out. Best $9 you’ll spend on a baby toy.

Best Toddler toy: It’s a tie between two Fisher Price toysLittle People and Wheelies. These toys let your child use and develop their imaginations, they’re safe for the youngest of kids (no small parts whatsoever), and they can get lots of use-my five year old still somewhat enjoys these play sets.

Baby Gear You Can’t Live Without: Infant swing and bouncy seat. Lifesavers for a fussy or gassy baby or when your arms need a break. I strongly recommend looking into the Fisher Price two in one bouncy seat/swing. It sits low to the ground, has five speed settings for the swing and vibrates like a bouncy seat. I had never used one until I had my third child and I really wish I had had it for my other two.

Best New-ish Baby Gear: Fisher Price Rock and Play. My youngest slept in hers for the first seven months of her life. It cradles them just enough (for those babies that like to be held) and sits them slightly inclined which is great for those babies with reflux or digestion issues. I am now using it for a daycare baby who loves it just as much!

Best Onesies: Carter’s brand, hands down. They fit true to size, cute, and just the right price for those first few months when they’re constantly outgrowing clothes faster than you can buy them!

Best Baby/Toddler/Kids Clothes: BabyGap. Yes BabyGap can be pricey but shop sales (online they constantly offer 30-40% off) or clearance (pay attention to online deals at the end of a season. I got Elizabeth shorts and t-shirts for $2 a piece for next summer). I’ve also never had any issues with stains coming out of BabyGap clothes, which is the reason Old Navy did not get best in this category. Lately I’ve had MANY Old Navy kids clothes that I just can not get the stains out of. Old Navy has great clothes otherwise and are a great price. Check out ON sales and clearance and you can get some amazing deals.

Best First Shoes: Circo brand at Target. This brand makes one shoe in sizes 2-4 toddler, one for boys and one for girls, that is the perfect learning to walk shoe. It’s a semi-soft sole, seems to cradle their tiny little feet, and is absolutely perfect when they’re learning to pick their feet up. These shoes usually run about $15 per pair. I also love Nikes for the next step up, once they’ve mastered walking and you’re not worried they’ll fall over in the middle of the room. Try Kohl’s for your toddler Nike purchases. You can usually get excellent deals on his/her first pair of Nikes (around $19-$32 depending on the deal they’re running).

Best Infant Car Seat/Booster: Graco brand, all the way. Love the Snugride infant carrier and the Graco Nautilus is my favorite car seat ever made. Only down side to the Nautilus is it is forward facing only, so I’m counting the days until Miss E turns two and we can snatch her a Nautilus. The best thing about this seat-it’s the last seat you’ll ever buy your child. It has a five point harness, high booster, and then it comes apart for just a small booster seat. It’s incredibly durable, easy to take apart, and has a built in cup holder, which is a BIG deal for my kids (and me too so I’m not constantly chasing down rolling sippys in the van)!

Best Diaper Bags:

Skip Hop diaper bag – has tons of pockets and is durable. Mine lasted 4 years and 2 kids.

Petunia Pickle Bottom – more expensive, but has lots of pockets, roomy, and can be a backpack or over the shoulder bag.

My newest favorite is a clearance bag I found at TJ Maxx for $20. It’s a Thermos brand and is completely insulated. It was absolutely perfect for our outings this summer for the kids’ snacks, meals, and drinks. Doesn’t have a lot of pockets like the other two bags I mentioned, but definitely has plenty of room. I recommend this bag if you have toddlers.

Stupidest Baby Purchase: Boppy pillow. I know some of my friends can’t live without theirs, but a regular pillow works just as well. The only time this was useful was when my babes were learning to sit up on their own and it helped support them or as a head rest for myself during middle of the night feedings. Oh well, after three kids it got its fair share of use.

Best Baby Wash: Up & Up brand equivalent to Johnson’s & Johnson’s Shampoo and Body wash. Non scented and hypoallergenic, it’s great on baby skin and we still use it for our skin sensitive five year old.

Best Laundry Detergent: Purex. Skip the Dreft for your babies (contains lots of harsh chemicals that can irritate babies skin–something we learned the hard way with our first), try a Free and Clear detergent such as All, Purex, or (more pricey but good) Seventh Generation. I felt the Free and Clear detergents didn’t get our wash as clean as I would like, so I tried out Purex and have bought it ever since (4 years now). It’s a very light detergent, gets all of our clothes clean, and is gentle enough for our skin sensitive oldest child. Wins all around.

Best Blankets: Skip receiving blankets, invest in a swaddler (we loved the Summer infant swaddler), but don’t buy more than one or two as they use them for a very short time. Instead, invest in lots of fleece or light weight blankets. In my experience, receiving blankets aren’t large enough for swaddling and not warm enough to cover older babies. All of our receiving blankets are now being used as doll blankets for the girls.

Best Pacifiers: Whatever one your baby will take. I recommend MAM, but I know from experience, buy a package of each brand of pacis. Each child seems to have their own paci preference, but I do highly recommend pacifiers. In the first few months of life, sucking is a very important and comforting thing for babies. I know many parents who are freaked out of having their children become “paci dependent” but I call it my lifesaving “baby corker.”

Best Pack n’ Play: Graco. You can buy a simple pack n’ play or you can get a deluxe nursery pack n’ play complete with a bassinet, changing table, and storage area. Either way, Graco offers numerous types of packs (as we call them at our house) to fit your needs. I do highly recommend having one as it comes in handy. Packs are super easy to fold up and take with you anywhere and take up very little room.

Best Humidifier: Whether is warm mist or cool mist, I highly recommend Vicks brand. These run about $30 and come in very handy for sick kiddies. On top of running a humidifier when sick, use Baby Vicks on their feet-it actually helps the congestion and coughing!

Best Teething Remedies: Sophie the Giraffe is a miracle teething toy (with a super annoying squeak that you’ll manage to look past), Hyland’s teething tablets when their gums hurt and are having issues eating, a toothbrush to chew on for those nasty molars, and for those horrible, screaming, won’t sleep nights there’s Motrin….well, technically the Up & Up brand of Motrin. Repeated every six hours. For all of you mommies worried about “drugging” your child, trust me. Works wonders.

Best Gassy Baby Remedy: Mylicon gas drops (we used the generic Up & Up brand and worked just as well and waaayyy less expensive). Some of my mommy friends have used gripe water with success as well. For those constantly gassy babies, do frequent tummy time (helps expel the gas) or, at risk of being a “horrible” mother, let your baby sleep on his/her tummy. Just be sure you can check on him/her, but this has always helped our babies sleep better when dealing with gas and helps them expel it.

Stupidest Use of Floor Space, Yet Needed for Sanity Purposes: Exersaucers/jumperoos. Seriously, they take up sooo much room, but for those “my baby is crawling, trying to stand up, learning to cruise and is into everything” days it is a sanity saver. With my oldest two we had a Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby that was wonderful, took up minimal floor space, and the boys loved it. Sadly one of the toy bars on it broke and for safety reasons (sharp plastic on the end) in went on the curb. For our youngest, we purchased an Evenflo mega saucer. It was great, but was so big and took up so much room we only used it a couple of times.

Best Potty Chair for Potty Training: Fisher Price “froggy potty.” Can be found at Wal-Mart and Target for $12. Very simple, shaped like a frog, and all kids have loved these potty chairs (we’ve had to buy multiple of them because I like to potty train kids in pairs to help them along). Potty training tips that have worked well for us: a timer (set for every 15 minutes for the first few days, then 20, and work up from there in five minute increments until they get the “holding it” part) and we have the frog potty in our living room. Sound odd? Sure to some, until you have a house full of kids who don’t want to take time away from playing to pee. Works wonders and I’ve never had an issue with kids then transitioning to the big potty.

Best Outside Toy (for any child old enough to stand): A playhouse. Yes, they’re super pricey but Little Tikes or Step 2 makes super durable, will last forever, and will completely get its use playhouses. My youngest started to love ours when she was 8 months old and my five year old still happily plays with it.

Best crib mattress: Sealy cozy rest mattress. We found ours at Target for around $70. It has lasted for five years, three kids, and is still in excellent condition.

Best crib sheets: Seriously, they’re all pretty much the same and will be pooped, peed, puked, and chewed on. Save your money and buy LOTS (you’ll thank me when your child has the stomach flu) of the decently priced and decent quality Circo crib sheets. We still have ones from when our oldest was a baby. The only crib sheets I’ve been upset about are ones we bought at Wal-Mart. They were so itchy, scratchy, and shrank the moment when washed we wound up throwing them out! We did buy Carter’s sheets because they matched our youngest child’s room, but I can’t tell the difference in quality between Carter’s sheets and the quite a bit cheaper Circo brand.

Best Changing Table: Skip the table and the large changing pad. With the first two we had a large changing pad built in on the top of their long dresser, with the youngest we had an actual changing table. We stopped using both when each child was around 4 months old because I was too worried about them rolling off while I was changing them. Instead, I opt for a small fold-up and go changing pad I keep with my diaper caddy (found at Target, it’s big enough for a package of diapers and any creams, hand sanitizers, etc. fit into the side pockets).  I promise, it still gets the job done and is a little more convenient if you have more kids to chase after, making diaper changes in the living room a bit more sanitary.

Best Toy Storage: We use the cubby shelves (we got ours at Target and they have held up great) with cloth bins and Sterilite containers. So far these have worked great at containing the thousands of toys we have! We also have a few Sterilite 3 drawer shelves that work great. They’re not the most sturdy so I suggest tethering them to the wall so they don’t fall over, but they can sure fit lots of toys.

Best Educational Shows/Movies: Any of the LeapFrog movies are safe bets (can be found for $10 a piece in stores or several of them are on Netflix). As far as tv shows, I only let my kids watch PBS (we don’t have cable and I refuse to pay for it so PBS is all there is in this house!) and our faves around here are “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” (seems to be a favorite of all the kids no matter what their ages are) “Arthur” (great for preschoolers and early grade schoolers), and “Super Why” (great for the younger set learning their alphabet and letters, but older toddlers/preschoolers seem bored by it).

First Underwear: Gerber makes training pants, available in packs of 3 (I’ve found mine at Target from $4-$8). These are nice because they are a little bit thicker and absorb the urine when accidents happen. I discourage parents from going right to the “big kid” underwear because it is an even bigger mess.

Best Pull-Ups: Try out the generic brands of pull ups (Target’s Up & Up brand). They’re almost just as good as the name brand pull ups (keep in mind they’re not meant to absorb much anyways) and a few bucks cheaper. The only bummer is that they don’t come with cool Disney characters on them, just basic trucks for boys and fairies for girls. My kids didn’t seem to mind much though.

The Best My-Kid-Is-Potty-Trained-But-Still-Wets-The-Bed-Occasionally Solution: Goodnites disposable bed mats. These things have saved the boys’ mattresses and actually do their job. These can be found in with the pull ups at major retailers.

Best Breast Pump: Lansinoh Double electric breast pump. I know Medela gets the highest ratings and rave reviews for breast pumps, but try this one hundred dollars less breast pump and I promise you will not be disappointed. Mine lasted through three kids, hundreds of ounces of liquid gold, and still works.

Best Nursing Pads: For those first few days/weeks of constantly leaky boobs (sorry for the spoiler alert/mood killer folks, but TRUTH) Lansinoh disposable nursing pads were wonderful plus they come with a free tube of Lanolin (a very important must have for nursing mommas). Once we got a feeding schedule down, I switched to Reusable organic cotton nursing pads I found at Babies R Us. One of my best finds ever…too bad I didn’t discover them until baby #3. These absorbed magnificently and are super soft. I wouldn’t recommend wearing any tight clothing with these as they’re not the most discreet pads.

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A friend called me today to tell me the wonderful and exciting news that she is expecting her first baby. “Guess what?! I’m pregnant!” I immediately replied, “Oh my god I’m so excited for you! You’re going to be such a great mom!”

Then she said something I was not at all prepared for. “I am going to put you on speed dial. I plan on calling you to get all kinds of advice.”

It hit me at that moment that my cover is about to be blown wide open. Advice? From me? Ha, that’s laughable. Sure I’ve been a mom for almost seven years now but the fact that she thinks I actually know what I’m doing is just plain funny. I feel like the Wizard of Oz. I’m over here chilling out behind the curtain but the moment my friend has her baby the curtain will open and I will be revealed. I am clueless. Frankly, I’m just making this shit up as I go along. So far it’s working for me but it’s only a matter of time before I am in some type of situation that I don’t have a clue how to handle. I’ve heard the teenage years are something all-together frightening. I’m shivering just thinking about it.

After we hung up the phone I started thinking about what kind of advice, if any I could really offer a new mother. My youngest is three so I had to dust off the cobwebs in my brain and think back to when I was expecting my first son. Here is the list of advice I came up with offering expecting mothers. Let’s get real about this shall we?

1. The Birth Plan

That kid is coming out one way or another, so just go in there knowing that and you will be fine. If you don’t plan on getting an epidural, more power to you. But if you change your mind just know that no one will think any less of you for it. Hell I was begging for that thing with what turned out to be gas pain.

2. Bottle or Breast?

Do whatever works for you. Babies are always hungry, so feed them. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks and if someone tries to give you shit for whichever choice you make simply tell them you started your kid off on steak and potatoes but after realizing that was a bit too heavy you switched to the bottle or the breast. They won’t judge you anymore. In fact they probably won’t talk to you anymore and that’s okay because judgy people are super annoying anyway so it’s a win/win.

3. Sleep Training

Oh dear god if the kid is sleeping do not wake them up. Do what works best for you. Will your kid only sleep in the bouncy seat? Bounce away my friend. Do you need to visit a park at 10pm and hold them in a swing for five straight hours to get them to sleep? By all means get to know your local Park Ranger. Do what works. Obviously do what is safe (I’m not a complete moron) but if your baby is sleeping long enough that you can take a hot shower and clean the spit up off your face then do it. If you don’t care about the spit up on your face but would rather get your zzzzz’s while that child is sleeping (raising my hand and jumping up and down) then do that. Don’t worry about what everyone else says you should be doing. You are holding the baton, so run on my friend.

4. When will my body look normal?

Define normal? Stop. You just pushed out a kid. You literally brought a human being into the world. Don’t even worry about getting back into your jeans. Yoga pants are your new friend and when things settle down again you will start to get back in shape. You might become a whole new shape than you were pre-baby and that’s OK. I will go shopping with you. Shopping is fun. Not with kids though. Shopping with kids is some type of torture you should avoid for as long as possible so leave that baby with someone else on the day we go shopping.

5. What should I make sure I have before I bring the baby home?

Diapers. You will not believe how much babies poop. Girlfriends. You are going to need one or two good ones who will listen to things like “My nipples are so raw.” And “My husband just doesn’t get it.” It’s vital to have some people lined up to help you, listen to you and hug you. Granny panties. Stock up on a bunch of those girls. You can just throw them out when you don’t need them anymore, or hold onto them to laugh about one day.  All that stuff you got at your baby shower is great but you won’t need half of it until that kid can sit up and trust me that doesn’t happen overnight.

6. How will I know if I am doing everything right?

Ha! What does right mean? Is your child still breathing? You see the thing is everyone and their mother will have an opinion to offer you, and by offer I mean jam down your throat when you are at your most vulnerable. Invest in good earplugs. There is no right way to do things. There is your way and then there is everyone else’s way. Do what works for you. At the end of the day if your child feels loved, then you are doing it right. Sure your house may look like it was ransacked by burglars and you might serve your family questionable milk from time to time but if your child is happy then rest assured the rest of the stuff doesn’t matter.

You see my dear friend, motherhood is a journey. You will learn as you go and some days will be an epic success and other days will be an epic fail. It’s not about the days though. It’s about the years. I guess after seven years on this journey it took you to help me figure that out. Go ahead and put me on speed dial. I won’t be offering advice but I will definitely be here for you and the wine will always be stocked!

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With the arrival of Baby #2, I’ve adopted a new mantra: Don’t dillydally.

If you’ve read the story of how my daughter made her big debut, you know that my doctor told me not to dillydally when getting to the hospital, and thank God: When she was ready to come out, she was ready to come out right then

And that sentiment has permeated every aspect of my life in the three weeks since she was born. I can’t dillydally if I want to get anything done. The problem is, I want to dillydally. I lovedillydallying. It gives me the illusion that I have control over my own life and that it’s not being run by two very adorable little dictators.

Because this is how my life looks as a mom of two: Folding laundry that’s been sitting in the basket for at least three days…while singing along to a Laurie Berkner DVD with my son, who’s putting on a full show with singing, dancing and guitar-playing…while using one foot to further bounce the baby’s bouncy seat to lull her back to sleep.

I can’t decide if I’m amused or horrified by that little tableau, which seemed completely normal when it happened last week. All I know is that it’s my new reality. And this is why moms, especially moms of two (or more), should seize the moment when they’re presented with some rare peace, quiet and kiddie sleep.

Don’t dillydally…because that cup of tea will go cold. And so will the second, third and fourth attempts at the same damn cup.

Don’t dillydally…because it’s occasionally nice to eat more than your 3-year-old’s pb&j crusts.

Don’t dillydally…because when spit-up dries on your clothes, it is really foul, but it’s somehow easy to forget about until after you’ve left the house.

Don’t dillydally…because you really need to send that e-mail and/or see that cat video and you don’t want your kids to see you on your phone all the time.

Don’t dillydally…because it’s incredibly hard to write thank-you notes when two little people are trying to use your head as a springboard.

Don’t dillydally…because that flash-sale site isn’t going to shop itself and your kid is one minute closer to waking up from her nap.

Don’t dillydally…because you need to return those phone calls and people in the civilized world go to bed before 2 a.m. and aren’t up in 3-hour increments to feed a hungry little barracuda.

Don’t dillydally…because that fabulous idea that popped into your head will be gone forever if you don’t write it down immediately.

Don’t dillydally…because the later in the day that it gets, the less your brain will work properly, and those six half-written blog posts will sit on your desktop for two weeks. Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me.

Don’t dillydally…because your laundry is mysteriously multiplying by the millisecond.

Don’t dillydally…because showering is not only lovely but also kind of necessary once in a while.

Don’t dillydally…because your hungry newborn will start pecking at you like a chicken at the most inopportune time.

Don’t dillydally…because you will be late to everything. Actually, even when you don’t dillydally, you’ll probably still be late to everything.

All that said, sometimes you need a little mental downtime so that your head doesn’t explode, Scanners-style. Sometimes you need to give yourself a manicure and binge-watch The Walking Deadonce the little ones are in bed. Sometimes you need to do a little something—or a lot of something—whatever that may be, to maintain your sanity.

And sometimes, dillydallying just translates into good parenting—mostly, when you’re marveling at your newborn and soaking in the awesomeness of new motherhood. Because even if you’re covered in spit-up, exhausted, unshowered and still in your pajamas at 4 p.m., that kind of dillydallying is 100 percent, absolutely, completely and totally worth it. No guilt necessary and no explanation required to anyone, including yourself.

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Those first few months are guaranteed to freak you out.

1. Driving your newborn home from the hospital.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

At about ten miles per hour the whole way.

2. Carrying the baby through your home for the first time.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

You’ve never thought about not dropping something more in your life.

3. When everyone leaves and it’s just you and the baby.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent


4. Trying not to touch (or look at) your baby’s umbilical stump as you change their diaper.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

5. And then, when the thing finally falls off, having to pick it up and drop it in the trash.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

6. When you notice your baby has gone mysteriously quiet.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

“Oh! She’s just sleeping. Well, snore or something, baby!”

7. Watching your eight-year-old nephew hold the baby.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

8. Getting spit up on.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

Just hopefully not in the mouth.

9. Accidentally knocking your baby’s head against the doorjamb and making them cry.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

10. Getting peed on mid diaper change.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

Just hopefully not in the mouth.

11. Finally daring to take your baby out in public and having someone sneeze right next to them.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

12. The first time you leave your baby in the care of someone else.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

“I’ll call to see how you’re doing in 90 seconds. You’ll be okay until then, right?”

13. When your baby scratches their face and draws blood.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent


14. And then having to cut their tiny talons for the first time.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

All you can think about is how people told you it’s super easy to cut their fingers.

15. Changing your first blowout diaper.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

How could all of that have come out of something so tiny?

16. Waiting for the doctor at your baby’s first checkup.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

Is everything normal? The baby is normal, right? Please let everything be normal!”

17. And the moment when you look down at your tiny little baby and realize they’re not so tiny anymore.

The 17 Most Traumatizing Moments Of Being A New Parent

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We asked our amazing Facebook followers for the best advice they could give to a new mom. As usual, they delivered! Here are some of their best answers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 3.14.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 3.15.10 PM  Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 3.14.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 3.17.36 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-05 at 3.16.59 PM

Check out all of the responses below!

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