We love moms who are unapologetic about their bad “assery”… if that’s even a word. New mom, Serena Williams is definitely at the top of our list of women who are all about breaking mom-norms as well as records, promoting self-care, confidence and pushing boundaries. All while getting down to Beyonce. We’re pretty big fans of this champ, so we’re dedicating this Mom Crush Monday to her!

What if a job required 18 hours of work a day, didn’t include benefits, the clients constantly acted like children, and also no one got paid? Yep, welcome to motherhood! These hilarious stay-at-home-moms keep it very real, and they inspire us to keep going. Even when our ‘bosses’ barf in our hair in the checkout line.

Whether you’re a Samantha or a Carrie, we’re pretty sure anyone can appreciate a strong mama with a sense of independence. Miranda Hobbes is a high-powered lawyer who’s prepared to be a single mom, though since this is Sex and The City she gets her fairytale ending anyway. But she gets through the rough patches by sheer power of will, and we’ve got a lot of respect for this tough mother.

Some moms spend every moment worrying about their children, working on their relationships, and just generally making sure they’re winning at parenthood. These moms aren’t those moms. Our mom crushes this week are a few of our favorite dgaf tv moms, the ones who say what they’re thinking and do whatever they want. Lucille Bluth, Roseanne Barr, Gabrielle Solis, Nancy Botwin, and Sophia Petrillo are our role models, and this Mom Crush Monday goes out to them.

Carmela Soprano is one tough mother. She’s the matriarch of a mob family, keeps the secrets of a whole bunch of bad folks, and manages to make a mean ricotta pie. We’re pretty big fans of the mafia mama, so we’re dedicating this Mom Crush Monday to her.

Ever watched It’s A Wonderful Life from Mary’s perspective? It’s Christmas Eve, her kid is sick, her family business is in trouble, and her depressed husband disappears for hours. But she keeps it together, and manages to raise eight grand in one night to save her family. Are we sure that George is really the hero of the movie? We love this tough, sassy mama and this classic movie, so this Mom Crush Monday was a no-brainer.