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Sometimes, just sometimes, we find ourselves in a date night rut. Here are 25 of our favorite (and memorable) date night ideas:

1.) A day of golfing or a night of mini golfing. Or bowling.

2.) Paint ball.

3.) A concert or a play.

4.) Eat a leisurely dinner at your favorite restaurant. We’ve got a few go-to restaurants on date night, but one of our favorite spots is our first date restaurant.

5.) Grab coffee. So we usually need the coffee to keep us going after our long days, but it always results in a quiet moment and good conversation.

6.) Take a walk. A late night walk can be incredibly romantic.

7.) Go enjoy open houses. Check out houses way out of your price range just for fun.

8.) Museum/art gallery/science center. Our local Science Center does a Mixology night for adults to play and explore at the science center just like kids do, but with adult beverages in hand. Hubs and I have a blast at this monthly event.

9.) Go to a movie. This is a nice option when we just want time away.

10.) Game night. We love game nights with friends or other couples. Our go-to game is Cards Against Humanity (not for the easily offended).

11.) Date night in. We’re pros at this one: take out, a movie or a game of Scrabble, and wine. It’s our typical Thursday night.

12.) Drinks. This can be as laid back or fancy as you choose.

13.) Dance classes. One of our favorite date nights was a salsa class we took back in the day (long before kids were even a thought).

14.) Ice skating/roller skating. We’ve flashed it back to the 80’s at the local roller rink a few times and have had a blast.

15.) Hockey/baseball/basketball/football/etc. game. It’s not always for guys and their buddies.

16.) Couples massage.

17.) Book store. So, I’m a geek, but I love browsing shelf after shelf of books. Even better that hubs enjoys it too. We geek out together.

18.) Shopping. Yeah, this sounds boring, but sometimes it’s nice to just have a break to get errands done together. Twice a year, Hubs and I hire a babysitter and make a day of shopping for presents for the kids’ birthday’s and Christmas. We’ve had a great time doing this and have some priceless memories. FYI, adults can be asked to leave Toys R Us….

19.) Champagne brunch.

20.) Dessert bar.

21.) Cooking class. Re-create the meal on a date night in.

22.) Kayaking, boating, biking, hiking.

23.) Hit up an arcade. “Bar-cades” that feature pinball and beer are the best.

24.) Trivia night. Many bars and restaurants host trivia. Great to go with friends or other couples.

25.) Cook through a cookbook together. Each week feature a new dish from the menu.

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Our girl Felicity was interviewed by the one and only Larry King recently, and WTF got a special shoutout.

They got into some motherhood real talk, including how lonely it can be and how you can’t be overjoyed about being a parent every second of the day.

Kids bring so much into our lives, like love and hugs and damp car seats. But they also take a lot out of us.

We sat down with a few of our favorite moms to ask what they’ve given up for their kids. Spoiler alert: lots of sad boobs are involved.

If you need your daily dose of feeling so emotional and moved you tear up a little bit, you’re in luck! We’ve got the video for you.

We can hardly take how sweet this story is – watch the video for how Melvyn (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) was determined to bring his wife home some Mother’s Day flowers.

For the last few weeks, I have been feeling every one of my 50 years.

Motherhood, the job I know I am good at and the one I have always loved, has really been kicking my tail lately. It seems as if all three of my darlings are experiencing growing pains at the exact same time.

The fact that I am the primary parent, while my husband leaves the house for the office each day, means I am on the only one on the front lines dealing with every case of teen and tween angst that comes along. There is also the complexity of caring for my daughter, who has significant special needs.

I’m cooked. Burnt out. Exhausted and emotionally drained. I would get out the white flag of surrender, but I’m too tired to get it from the linen closet. I certainly don’t have the energy to wave it.

It’s times like these that I am oddly grateful that motherhood did not come easy to me. As I feel myself drawn into yet another argument about curfew times or whose fault it is that the living room is a disaster, I do my best to remember that there was a time when I would have given everything I owned to be in this position.

I had four miscarriages before our first child was born. Four.

The cushy life I had of only worrying about me, my job, my husband, and our cat felt so profoundly empty. I would do my best to enjoy all I had, but every time I saw a baby or a child with their mom, my heart would ache.

I would hear my friends complain about their kids, and it would take every ounce of me to stop myself from screaming, “You don’t know how lucky you are.”

There is something so empowering in remembering that I actively chose this life.

I might not have known or chosen that my daughter have more in common with a child of three or four then the girl of 14 that she is. But when I catch her in the bathroom, crumbling everyone’s deodorant and leaving a mess of biblical proportions, it does make it a little easier to laugh when she looks up at me and asks, “Mom do you still love me?”

I would rather not have to watch my 17-year-old son struggle with the same dyslexia that plagued me in school. But watching him makes strides some professionals thought he would never make does make the arguments over his choice of clothing or language a bit more manageable.

My soon-to-be 11-year-old youngest child is proving his talent of getting on my very last nerve as he grapples with the challenges of leaving grade school for the bigger world of middle school and all that will entail. But it’s hard not to be charmed when he says, “I look like a princess” in my new pink nightgown.

Yes, I have been feeling the pressures of raising three kids, trying to achieve some semblance of order in our house, and still make time to write. I have a very good case of the “stressed-out-mommy-blues.”

Thankfully, this experience, and an hour of having the house to myself, has taught me that it will pass.

There will be a day, sooner than I care to admit, when I will look back at these insane times as the good old days.

I know that. Today I just have to remind myself.

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Anyone who says they don’t think about anything else other than sex while they’re doing the deed is like someone saying they only eat one bowl of cereal: YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF LIARS. 

Okay, we’re kidding. Maybe you do only think about sex while you’re having it, but in that case you’re a rare unicorn and we’d love to chat. Most of us are so preoccupied with the daily stresses of life that it’s impossible for our mind not to wander. We’re still enjoying it – we just get a little preoccupied.

Here are 10 non-sex things women think about during sex.

1. “Why did I eat so much today?!”

It’s like the minute we’re doing it, every snack/bad choice comes to the forefront of our minds. Did we really need to eat that leftover Pop Tart our kid didn’t touch? Whoops.

2. “The bathroom is really overdue for a good scrubbing.”

The bathtub tile really shouldn’t be that color…

3. “Shit, I have so much laundry to do.”

YEAH, and this bitch needs to do the whites ASAP. Uh, I mean, yes that feels good….

4. “John Stamos must be a vampire.”

Does he age? Like, does he?

5. “If the kids wake up I will weep gently into the night.”

Listen, once you have kids it’s hard to get in the sexy time. So yeah, we’re thinking about a zillion other things, but if the kids wake up and interrupt, THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY.

6. “I could definitely go for some pizza.”

Forget #1, we could seriously put away an entire medium by ourselves. We’re technically working out right now anyway.

7. “Is this almost over? Because I take my sleep very seriously and this is kiiiind of cutting into it.”

Must. Not. Fall. Asleep. Repeat.

8. “Did the kids brush their teeth before they went to bed?”

Honestly, it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

9. “When was the last time I showered?”

When you’re trying to keep an entire household in order and making sure your kids stay in tact, showering is the last thing on your mind.

10. “Did I forget to DVR the latest episode of Scandal?!”

MAYBE the most horrifying thought to have during sex.

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