You’d think the parents of this adorable 2 year old Alabama girl would have a few more years before they had to worry about boys! Momma Chelsea Kirland uploaded the now-viral video of her husband telling their daughter, Kennedy, that she’s simply too young to date and Jared isn’t her boyfriend. Jared is the little girl’s uncle’s roommate, and plays football in college. Apparently Kennedy is quite smitten with him, because she completely dissolves into tears when her father insists Jared isn’t her boyfriend. Watch the super cute video above! We have a sneaky suspicion this is going to be the perfect “Throwback Thursday” video when Kennedy is a bit older.

Sometimes the power of rock just completely takes over you. For this toddler, it was definitely true. 

Henry Moirang Choudhury of Chennai uploaded this video of his 2 year old son, Advaith, totally rocking out to the popular Indian rock band, Skrat. (via). Quite honestly, it’s impossible to not smile while watching this video! It inspires us to let loose and really lose ourselves in our favorite song, like little Advaith did. As moms, so often we find ourselves feeling insanely grateful of those few precious moments alone – why not take complete advantage of them? Put on your favorite AC/DC album and let your inner badass shine!

Keep on rocking, Advaith!

Watching kids play with toys that were popular years ago is probably one of the funniest things ever. BuzzFeed recently had kids play with Tamagotchis, the toy that is a small, digital pet you take care of. It came out in Japan in 1996, and then became super popular in the United States.

Some of the kids just simply didn’t understand the concept.

Others were more excited about the aesthetic element of the Tamagotchi.

And some just gave up.

I believe the phrase here would be, “over it.”

Overall, we think these kiddos are going to be passing on asking their parents for Tamagotchis for Christmas, but we sure do love how adorable they all are trying to figure it out!