“Why don’t you just f*ck your computer?”

Cosmopolitan (God bless them) gave these three grandmas a series of sex toys to review. They certainly didn’t disappoint as their responses are hilarious, as expected, and surprisingly useful. Apparently most sex toys now are a little too high tech and things were better ‘back in the day’.

Go figure.

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We rounded up a couple of young-at-heart grandparents to see if they could help us decipher some popular teen slang that seems to be popping up all over the internet these days. We had to look up the real answers for ourselves, but some of their responses were far better than the actual translations. Twerk is a much better word when you read it as a hybrid of “twerp” and “jerk”, and “bye Felicia” is most definitely our preferred way to bid adieu to a cat.

Plus, now you know what your kids are trying to say when they tag that four year old picture of themselves with #TBT.

A preschool housed within a retirement home is changing the lives of seniors and toddlers alike. Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle, WA, houses over 400 elderly residents; The Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC) is a childcare facility that allows infants-to-5-year-olds interact with these residents through structured and unstructured activities.

The broad purpose of the ILC is to help children learn about the elderly. Specifically, the program aims to have kids learn about the normal aging process, accept people with disabilities, help them reduce their fear of older adults, and to receive and give unconditional and unbounded love and attention. A documentary about the initiative is presently in the works. (via)

Two new parents-to-be decided to surprise their parents (aka their new baby’s grandparents) with a wall full of baby memorabilia and their due date. Well, grandma walked in first, flipped out, hung up the phone, and then ran around the house like a maniac. Grandpa-to-be stared at the wall for a while, unreadable… then, when nobody was looking, he (quite literally) jumped for joy.

We think he’ll be a pretty awesome grandpa.

Let’s look at that again, because it’s the most adorable thing ever…

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Brace yourselves – this 87-year-old is sassy, stylish, and… stark naked? Lisl Steiner, noted photographer and photojournalist, has a very interesting life story that undoubtedly influenced the person you see in this video. She is unapologetically herself and unapologetically nude on a stool. If you ask us, those two things make for a very entertaining interview!

Watch as Lisl shares her profanity-laden take on society and shocks the world with her incredibly real insight… all while gradually taking her clothes off to prove a point! Long live Lisl!

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“What is more offensive? A little girl saying ‘f*ck’ or the f*cking unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?” These young ladies are turning the “damsel in distress” stereotype upside down and hitting us with some cold hard facts. Young girls today are facing a future where women are still paid 23% less than men for doing the same work, and where 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetimes. And we have no doubt that these little girls plan to do something about it! Kids are the future, and it’s looking just a little bit brighter today!

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In Senegal, women are doing things differently. Worldwide, soccer is often considered a sport for men, not women. See how these amazing soccer players defy all the expectations of their behavior by playing the game. Women’s soccer is a powerful tool for promoting gender equality. Not only does it inspire girls and promote new role models, but it’s empowering to the women themselves. I love these women, and I LOVE what the woman says at 2:11. What a badass.

My in laws have finally left and surprisingly, I survived. I pretty much avoided them and stayed out of their way as much as possible. Unless of course they took us out to eat. Because HELLO, FREE FOOD! Who the hell doesn’t like a free meal?! Nobody, that’s who.

If I didn’t avoid them as much as I was able to, I would probably be writing this with pencil and paper from a prison cell. I would’ve been all Orange Is The New Black but really though, orange just isn’t my color.

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Well, it isn’t really anyone’s color, except for maybe super hotties like Mark Ruffalo, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, Liev Schrieber, or perhaps even the always gorgeous Kerry Washington and Robin Wright.

But I’m totally getting off point here.

For the low, low price of zilch, zero, nada, you too can follow these easy steps to survive your visiting in laws.

Take notes, people! There may be a pop quiz later on.

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Step 1: Drink… A Lot. Vodka or wine in a coffee mug is a great choice. Especially one that has been hand painted by your child. It will look sweet and innocent but at the same time, you’ll be getting plastered. It’s a win win.

Hiding your alcohol intake will be one less thing your mother in law will judge you by and bitch about. It will also make it more tolerable and entertaining when your in laws tell you stories about your spouse growing up that you’ve heard 1oo times before.

Step 2: Fake an illness (cramps, bloating, pms, mad cow disease, problematic anal warts) and hide out in your bedroom with chocolate and a good book. Make sure to let out a few groans of pain in their presence.

Step 3: Fake raging diarrhea and hide out in your bedroom with chocolate and a good book. Nobody questions diarrhea. Ever.

Step 4: See steps 1-3.

Happy visiting!

This post was originally featured on Elle’s blog, This Is Mommyhood

I was born pretty.

(At least by my grandfather’s standards).

He told me so, every time I saw him, and I believed him.

My mother and father were beautiful. A beautiful couple.

They bred well.

My sister is a knock-out.

It’s the genes.

I never much thought I let it define me, but as I get older I wonder if I did, or if I’m letting it influence me now?

Here’s how simple it used to be: wash hair.

That’s it.

Wash my God Damn hair.

Everything else just fell into place.

I had good skin, large blue eyes, good brows, full lips, white teeth, good body proportion, blablahblah…

It ALL worked.

I didn’t own a scale, and I hardly looked in a mirror for more then the time it took to apply mascara.

I concentrated on other objectives, like getting smart, and making money, developing nations, and influencing World leaders.

So, please try to imagine my surprise, when several years ago, my asshole of a father laughed at me while saying,’Hey Cheryl. You’re looking old. That’s a riot.’

Am I, you turd???

It was time to take a deep look and Oh My God, what the HELL?

When did this happen?

And, so it began- My journey with ‘Maintenance’.

And it ain’t pretty any more.

Here is my Vanity Truth:

I get my hair colored every 6 weeks. I get it glazed a few times a year. I am BFFs with my hairdresser ’cause I pay his mortgage.

I bleach my teeth once, or twice a year. So does my daughter. She’s 26. If her teeth get any whiter they will be able to be seen from outer space- or generate global electricity.

I remove hair, daily, from places on my face that should not grow hair. Thank God it’s fascinating.

I am loosing my eyebrows. Seriously. Just two little puffs of hair near the bridge of my nose will be left. I blame this on over-zealous Vietnamese tweezing of which I have been a customer victim. I use a powder brow filler.

I am losing my lips. They are getting thinner and dull. I have recently had them ‘plumped’ with filler and upped my lipstick game- sorta like what a clown does. I always loved the circus so what the hell.

I have had the ‘apostrophe’ marks on each side of the nose that fold down around your mouth- filled. I no longer look like I am going to kill someone.

I use Botox. I use it often. If I could just keep a snake in the tub and kiss him every day, I would.

I have gained 30 lbs. since newly married, and no matter how much I exercise, or eat appropriately, I can not seem to lose it – DAMN WINE – so I have just bought larger clothes. Thank God I have larger money too.

I have stupid youthful sun damage on my face and on my back. Retinal vitamin C serums are now part of my daily routine- like smoking, though I hear there’s a new study that says….

Of course, the boobs (and ass, and tummy) have dropped. Without surgery I don’t see a way around this, and I hate ‘down-time’ so this probably won’t happen, but I can totally imagine the gain if you have the patience for recovery, however, I am considering a breast reduction. I just have to convince my insurance carrier that my boobs, at optimum cup size C (the girls are currently D’ancing’- EeGads!), are a part of our national security policy.

So, where does this leave me? Let’s see…

I am 57 and I’m actually aging.

My mother did this too and I’m still having a hard time forgiving her.

For being mortal.

She was supposed to stay young forever. And she almost did.

‘Your genes aren’t working anymore Mom! WTH? You promised!

No, really. I’m okay with it- because I have to be, or I’ll just end up one of those invisible people that walk around with their head down, or the woman down the street who looks like she was ridden hard and put-up wet- KIND OF bad, or my great aunt Gert. (Dear God, not Gert, I beg of you Jesus) who never met a day she didn’t HATE.

Nope. Not going there.

Instead, I will continue to rev-up the non-invasive cosmetic procedures sportscar, put the top down, tunes up, and drive full-out in a 35mph school zone in front of a police station with an ambulance on my tail, while I’m re-applying lipstick and lighting up a cowboy.

Because being upset about aging will have to catch me first before I go away…

And I drive fast.

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