It feels like every year, the way people reveal pregnancies gets more and more unique. 

This couple recently revealed to the expecting mother’s folks that they were going to be grandparents in the cutest way possible. Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, they had the awesome idea to play the “whisper game.”

The challenge, which Jimmy Fallon often plays with his guests, consists of one person trying to guess what another person is saying while wearing noise-canceling headphones. (via)

This adorable video is just too precious for words!

It is completely impossible to not watch this video of a woman finding out she’s going to be a grandma for the first time, and not feel yourself nearly explode with joy. 

Philadelphia-based computer scientist, videographer, and uncle-to-be Sunny Singh recorded his brother and sister-in-law telling his parents that they’re going to have a baby. (via)

It’s safe to say that this woman is totally the perfect hype lady. We’re obsessed at her sheer happiness with the announcement that her son is going to be a dad.


The video is lighting up the internet with adorableness.

I mean – look at her!

It’s safe to say she’s going to make one awesome grandma.

It seems to me that in life, a person should be able to count on a few things to be true: your mother and the deliciousness of a chocolate croissant.

Other than that, all bets are off.

The problem is that we all get caught-up in the mind-numbing illogic of rumors, advertising, old wives tales, people we want to impress, love, hatred, apathy… google search results. You get my drift.

Well, this is never more evident than when we are young. My youth was filled with bad information, some of which I even believed. Some of it I defended. Some of it I got employment from. Some of it took me out on the town.

Here is a list of out and out lies the 1970’s told us all:

That your grandmother’s cooking was too rich for good health. LIE. Turns out that Grandma was using fresh and whole foods. Grandma didn’t use any ingredients she couldn’t pronounce. Grandma was pretty smart.

That the USA would commit for now and all time to developing space exploration. LIE. Someone forgot to tell JFK about the future expense of a Global Economy, not to mention expanding social services, a weapons race, and the true desire of the population: an expansion of direct streaming cable networks because that’s what’s really important.

Going braless was liberating and beautiful. LIE. More like a idea that could have only come from the mouths of youthful perky boobs without a thought for the results at midlife. Dear God, Woodstock be damned.

Women could have it all. LIE. First of all, what did that mean? Certainly no one in their right mind was suggesting that women should be superhuman and that if they didn’t bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan while nursing a child with one hand and giving a hand*** with the other she wasn’t living up to her full and Universal potential? Nahhhh. No one did that.

Free Love was without consequences. LIE. Unless, of course, you value your health and actually toyed with the idea that you should at least know someones name before you received an STD.

All people are equal. LIE. They are not, but they should receive equal protection, equal initial advantage, equal Rights. What I want to yell at someone about is why I’m not aging like Heidi Klum? Who do I see about that?

Misunderstood, seemingly half-baked Medical advancements would lead to cloning. LIE. Remember that? When LIFE magazine did that article on Dolly the Sheep that said stem cell research would lead to a world full of human robots, because really, could any of us stand more Heidi Klum beauty in the world? (I’m on a Klum kick today).

Traveling was best when done on the cheap– more wholesome, more real. LIE. Book a room at a 5-star and call me.

Vitamin supplements could cure anything. LIE. And yet we still purchase them by the pound. We are a hopeful bunch.

Sun tanned skin was healthy and desirable. Even younger. LIE. Have you seen my skin?

Formal education was unnecessary. LIFE was the best teacher. LIE. This was espoused by young hippie parents who were on the dole from their hardworking parents. Come to think of it….

The Beatles would reunite. LIAR. LIAR. PANTS ON FIRE! But wouldn’t it have been loverly?


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As some of you may be aware, my mother was forced to retire last year. (A stroke has a sneaky way of making decisions for you).

Of course, this has not been easy.

Maybe more so for my mother: She never slowed down. Not for one minute in her entire life. She worked (as a much sought-after Interior Designer) through her retirement… she’s stubborn.. and talented, a true dyed-in-the-wool super sonic ‘tastemaker’ of design, fashion, style, entertaining, and elegance.

She also has a wicked sense of humor.

“Cheryl Ann, I hear you have a blog.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s nice. What is a blog?”

“It’s a platform for spewing my shizz to a bunch of people I don’t know. It’s writing and publishing on the Internet.”

“What is shizzzz… or did you say ‘shit’?”

“Same thing…”

“Do people actually read your writing?”

” A few Thousands.” (We’re on the phone- thank God. If we had been eye-to-eye…).

“Your sister has read me a few of your letters. You’re just my little writer aren’t you?”

“Well, I guess. Sure. Yes. I am. Absolutely.”

“I find that occasionally you’re even witty. Occaaaasionally.”

“Alrighty then.”

“I think I’d like to write, as well. Do you think I should?”

“Yea. Sure.”

“Could you start a blog for me?”

“I could, but you’d have to write regularly to build an audience, and answer comments, then there’s the social media promo… “

“I think people would like to hear what I have to say. After all, I have stories about being a woman who has survived three strokes at 82, and that’s something.”

“Yes. It is something.”

“Do you think people would like that?”

“I think they would Mom. You should write your story… (before I do).”

“Then it’s settled! I’m going to write down a few things today and mail them to you. You call me as soon as you receive them and we’ll go over it together. Does that sound like a good idea?”

“The best. Idea. Ever.”

As so, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to what I hope will be the first of many installments of… (let’s knock a few titles around, shall we?)

Life With Leah (My suggestion)

The Crazy on Main St. (Her suggestion, not mine. I would never dare refer to my mother as ‘crazy’… to her face.)

Queenie (Again- her suggestion, but I believe I have that one already taken).


Being A Consenting Victim In A Small Town (She wrote that down, so I’m including it because she wrote it down damnit I think it kinda sums up her current state of affairs).

So, without further ado, my mother’s observations (with a wee bit of editing, because, really, how many ways can you spell poop?):

Here is my version of being ‘Free’. No vanity – who needs it.

1. Hair – Pay $6 to the neighborhood bad kid to cut your locks with a weed wacker. Put on safety glasses and ‘have at it’-or- forget the safety glasses and put on a stylish pair and hope for a better cut. Do this on a breezy day.

2. Eyebrows – As they grow they become curly and fall into your eyeballs- or- they fall out. You can draw them on with magic marker or have some Tattoo’d but, either way, without a large arch unless you have a quick cute wink.

3. Get used to the term ‘Old Hag’.

4. Learn to spit and drink beer.

5. Lips – When your lips feel dry go knock back a shot of whiskey.

6. Chin and neck folds – Forget it. They’re already floating around your ankles, which inspires me to design special cowl head covers and spats for shoes and long pants that just rip away. They should be made out of a zebra print or a marine blanket. (She included drawings).

7. Boobs – No bras! Use old Aunt Irene’s ace bandages wrapped around you but add colorful rick-rack to trim the bottom first.

8. Feet – you need them. Leave them alone, but buy expensive shoes.

The rest is just about being old, and who cares, but I can still kick and spit and wink at the mailman and here he comes so I have to find my hat and leopard slippers, but I’m finished with this writing and need a nap just thinking about it but I’ll write more tomorrow if you’ll call me.



ps: Do not forget to call me.

This post was previously featured on Cheryl’s blog, A Pleasant House. Photo via

I’m a mom of a “certain age.” My first daughter was born when I was 39 and my second at 41. I didn’t plan it out that way. It just happened to take me longer to find the man I would marry. (Or, to be honest, one willing to marry my mess-of-a-self.)

Since I started motherhood later than the norm, I find there are several differences in how motherhood is going for me versus moms old enough to be my daughters younger than me. Here’s my (tongue-firmly-implanted-in-cheek) take on older moms versus younger moms:

Child or Grandchild?

Older Mom                                                                        

When people see you with your child, they carefully tiptoe in conversation trying to assess if the child is your child or your grandchild. Some even have the audacity to ask how old your grandchild is, resulting in a real imagined slap across the face.

Younger Mom

People assume the child is yours.

The “Creep”

Older Mom

When you leave your sleeping child’s room, you pray that your joints won’t make a creaking or popping sound as you leave, waking your child, and, ultimately, pissing you off because now you have to convince them go to sleep again.

Younger Mom

When you tiptoe out of your child’s room, you do so without a sound.

Retirement Dreams

 Older Mom

You think retirement won’t happen until your mid- to late-60s, once your children are out of college. Hopefully.

Younger Mom

You are sure you will be able to retire at 55.

Changing Diapers

 Older Mom

You have something in common with your kids. As they learn to potty train out of their diapers, you look at Depends at the grocery store and contemplate buying some for yourself.

Younger Mom

You look forward to not touching another diaper until you have grandkids.

“I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up”

 Older Mom

When you get on the ground to play with your kids, you pray someone will help you get up again.

Younger Mom

You get down and up faster than your kids.


Older Mom

When your child drops a pacifier, you pick it up, wipe it off on your pants, and give it back to your child. You figure that germs are good for your kids.

Younger Mom

When your child drops a pacifier, you replace it with a clean one. Once home, you sterilize the dirty one again. You figure all germs are bad for your kids.

Note Passing

 Older Mom

When you were in high school, you got in trouble for passing notes to your friend. The teacher then read the note to the whole class, letting the whole school know that you had a major crush on the captain of the football team.

Younger Mom

When you were in high school, you got in trouble for texting your friend and had your cell phone confiscated.

Duran Duran

 Older Mom

Your favorite band is Duran Duran, and you’re thrilled if they notice you on Twitter. You raise your kids listening to all the great songs of the 80s.

Younger Mom

You have no clue who or what Duran Duran is. Wait, didn’t your mom mention seeing them in concert once?

High School Dances

Older Mom

Every dance you went to in high school was in the 80s. Your children will attend 80s-themed dances in high school.

Younger Mom

You attended 80s-themed dances, and your children will attend them as well.


Older Mom

You have used a typewriter, rotary phone, and a black-and-white television at some point in your life.

Younger Mom

What the hell are a typewriter and a rotary phone?  And why would anyone use a black-and-white television?


Older Mom

You love reconnecting with people from high school on Facebook. In fact, your 25th reunion would have bombed had it not been for Facebook.

Younger Mom

You avoid Facebook because your parents are on it.


Older Mom

You don’t worry about cold weather because you have your own “personal” summer daily. Dang hot flashes!

Younger Mom

For you, summer only happens from June through September.


Older Mom

In your 20s and early 30s, you went out most weekends and, sometimes, even weeknights to restaurants, clubs, and out with friends. You might have even flown out-of-town for a quick weekend away.

Younger Mom

You spend most of your 20s and early 30s at home with your kids. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get a babysitter for the night or convince your partner to stay home with your kids while you go out with your friends.  Weekends away? What’s that?

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We rounded up a couple of young-at-heart grandparents to see if they could help us decipher some popular teen slang that seems to be popping up all over the internet these days. We had to look up the real answers for ourselves, but some of their responses were far better than the actual translations. Twerk is a much better word when you read it as a hybrid of “twerp” and “jerk”, and “bye Felicia” is most definitely our preferred way to bid adieu to a cat.

Plus, now you know what your kids are trying to say when they tag that four year old picture of themselves with #TBT.