Summer Scheduling Madness… It’s Looming

Summer is almost upon us! For this stay at home mom that means a drastic change in my work load. Gone will be the days of just my daughter and I having quiet, polite, sparkly girly time together. My two school aged boys will be back to crashing around under our roof all day long…and I’m excited about it! It feels like I hardly ever see them during the school year. So, while it definitely changes the dynamic, I love spending more time with them during the summer!

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One thing I don’t love about summer is scheduling summer activities. It’s like an advanced military operation getting it all planned out. First, they have to decide which activities they want to do. Then we have to whittle that list down from 593 to a manageable two or three per child. Here’s what we’ve collectively narrowed it down to this summer:

Piano Lessons
Swim Lessons Level 1
Football Camp
Junior Golf League
Summer Dance
Swim Lessons Level 2
Basketball Camp
Flag Football
Swim Lessons Level 3

Seems manageable, right? Until you have to make it work on your calendar. It’s like a high stakes game of Tetris. Ensuring that all the pieces fit together seamlessly, that we don’t stack pieces too high on any one day.  Organizing each activity so that no drop-off or pick-up times overlap.  Then I have to make sure that we have at least a hand full of open days in the summer for being lazy, and making our own adventures (just us). It literally takes a spreadsheet system. (And lets not even discuss the $$$ it all costs us. That’s another blog post for another time.)

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I used to be that mom who said I would never over schedule my kids. But that was back when I thought I knew everything. Back when they were wee babes who took naps for several hours each day. When they were content just to make homemade play-doh and dance in the kitchen with me all day long. Having big kids changes everything. I hope I’m doing this right…

This post was originally featured on Marie’s blog, Make Your Own Damn Dinner.