Summer Book Club: Expose Me by Kate Hewitt

What The Flicka presents: Summer Book Club. Join us each week as we read through the Fifth Avenue Trilogy from Harlequin!

Expose Me, by USA TODAY Bestselling author Kate Hewitt and the last book in the Harlequin Fifth Avenue trilogy, provides a strong ending to a series filled with lust, love, and sweet revenge. This book centers on the relationship between Alex Diaz and Chelsea Maxwell. Alex makes a pact with his friends, Austin Treffen and Hunter Talbot Grant III, that they would each do their part to bring down Jason Treffen, a corrupt businessman responsible for the suicide of their mutual friend Sarah Michaels.

We quickly learn that Alex was good friends with Sarah in college and the last person she reached out to before she died. For ten years, Alex lives with the guilt of ignoring her call; the last call she ever made. When Jason Treffen is exposed as the man responsible for her death, Alex plans to avenge the friend he turned his back on—no matter the costs or people hurt along the way.

There is an incredible amount of suspense in this segment, as Alex and Chelsea are so closed off and cold-hearted. Both come from poor, broken homes, yet manage to rise above their individual situations and build powerful careers—Alex as a professional reporter and Chelsea as the host of her own primetime talk show.

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Alex’s revenge is to expose Treffen’s evil to the world via national television—on Chelsea’s talk show. As Alex schemes to make Chelsea a partner to his foul play, by going outside of the pre-approved interview questions and exposing Treffen, he never plans on falling in love for the first time.

Now, of course, this is Harlequin. Aside from the plotting and excitement, there is also passion and desire. The romance between Alex and Chelsea can be best described as: challenging and extremely hesitant. Although it started as a game filled with sexual tension, their insatiable attraction is undeniable. Who would be the first to surrender? Would their relationship be strong enough to break down the walls each of them has built to avoid being hurt? You’ll have to read to find out!

Chelsea  is my favorite character of the entire series. I really like how Hewitt developed her as the heroine. She is damaged and wrought with issues. Yet she finds a way to use her dreadful and horrific past to empower herself and move from the shadows of despair to the light of a new life.

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What I really love about Chelsea’s character, is that she has more to lose then Alex. If she exposes Treffen, she could lose her job and jeopardize her career—violating a legal agreement that states no questions can be asked outside of those previously agreed upon. Will she take the risk and expose Jason Treffen? The ending will leave you longing for more!

I thought the Fifth Avenue trilogy was an engaging read. The three-book, three-author element was unique and something I’d love to see Harlequin do again.

The Harlequin Fifth Avenue series has it all: love, revenge, and passion. Purchase now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes.

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