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Surprise! Valentine’s Day is Friday!  I really can’t help you with what your love might actually want for the big day.  My husband keeps asking me and I’ve got nothing.  But, if you are considering one of these, think again. Read More


As much as we like to think we are our children’s best teachers, it’s the time they spend with friends that provide them with the most “education.” Case in point: the few days our 8-year-old, let’s call him Huck, spent at baseball camp last month. At camp, the counselors teach batting, fielding, throwing and chewing bubble gum. The campers teach scratching, spitting and singing rude songs. Huck comes home singing about Batman peeing on the wall, Scooby Doo eating poo and a word-play game that he generously teaches his five-year-old brother: “Hey, Butch,” he whispers to him with a sly smile, “say ‘X’ really fast, over and over.” Read More


Dating a single woman can be daunting. Dating a single mom, can be downright terrifying. But, albeit all your other intentions, you’ve met one and you like her. Really like her.

So, let’s assume for the sake of this article that you’ve moved past the novelty of nailing a “milf” (a stupid yet totally relevant word), and have begun to wrap your brain around and perhaps even embraced that this great girl comes with some, er… stuff. (I think “baggage”, no matter the negative connotations it brings, is the term), and you’re okay with the kids, minimal time to herself, baby daddy and most likely an ex that will be in her life forever, part of it all. Read More


We’re Not All That Tight With St. Val

More often than not, Valentine’s Day passes without much fanfare around here. We’re not big ones for the holiday.

The cheap cards with “fun sized” candy will have gone off to school in someone’s backpack (after I spend too much time contemplating what could be “fun” about a packet of candy the size of a Barbie purse). When that same kid comes home, I’ll hit him up for his collection of little conversation hearts, because he’s good at sharing, and prefers chocolate anyway. Read More

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Breaking Up and Making Up with my Running Shoes: This Time It’s Serious

My running shoes and I have had an on again/off again relationship for about fifteen years.  Our relationship has been complicated and filled with angst, heartbreak, and infidelity. While my shoes have been true blue, I have a cheating heart. Sometimes it was with others that I thought were better for me: yoga, aerobics, and that short lived affair in college with Tae-Bo. Read More

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So you’ve booked a family vacation! Undoubtedly you are excited about escaping reality for a little bit, maybe unplugging and recharging the family-time battery. Your mind is racing with thoughts of how awesome it will be. The wonderful things you will do, the memories that will be made.

Yes, many of us have been there before. It’s like a new love, all excitement and anticipation. You dream about it, create an idealized view of it. And then reality starts to set in. It looks something like this. Read More