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Stop Telling Me It All Goes By So Fast

I was in a public parking lot, trying to get my starving, exhausted, tantrum-throwing kids into the car when a little old lady tottered up to me and said, “Enjoy it while they’re little! It goes by so fast!”

I looked up at her as I was karate chopping my son’s stiff-as-a-board body into his car seat and gave her a smile. A smile that said, “I want to strangle you.”

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What The Flicka

Ban Bossy. Encourage Girls To Lead

You’ve probably heard about the new “Ban Bossy” campaign, sponsored by Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean in organization and Girl Scouts USA. Their site is an amazing resource for leadership tips and information for girls, parents, teachers, and more. We love what they’re doing and hope you do too! Read More


From Green Beer to Green Cupcakes: My, How St Patrick’s Day Has Changed

St Patrick’s Day is near. And my how it has changed since I have had kids. All those St Patrick’s Day traditions you knew and loved as a pre-kid adult? Changed. Gone. Poof. Just like that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

How is this holiday different pre-kids and post-kids?

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Christina Antus

The Cupcake Diet

I recently read an article by Jillian Michaels that talked about the difficulty of dropping vanity pounds. Vanity pounds are pounds we want to lose, but our bodies don’t think we need to lose.

Because we’re made for survival.

Not appeal.

If we were vehicles we’d be Winnebagos.

“Survival” is what keeps those love handles lovin’ a lil longer and holdin’ a lil’ tighter. You never know when you’ll only be one cupcake away from starvation. Those cupcake pounds could be the ticket to making it to 16th place on Survivor. You won’t get to win the million dollars but you do get $2,500 and scurvy. Read More