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Last night I read something that made me think about how I was desperate for a female mentor in my early 20’s upon arriving in Los Angeles. Not because I didn’t enjoy men, but rather because I was somewhat shy and felt more comfortable speaking in front of fellow women. I kept thinking that in order for me to become a director, I would have to dress like a tomboy and act somewhat asexual—so I could fit in with the guys. Read More

LessonsWhat I Wish I'd Known

What I Wish I’d Known

My friend Ben Barnz and I were sitting around talking about getting older and listing all the things we wish we had known when we were younger! It would have saved us so much time and heartache, and who wants to learn things the hard way if they can avoid it! So, over the course of a few months I asked friends and family what they “Wish They Had Known,” and I started compiling a list. Read More

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I’ll open this post by stating for everyone to read: I am not a perfect parent. I’ve been known to yell, fib, over-indulge and occasionally, turn a blind eye.  With all my mothering-flaws, I do believe I’ve figured out something crucial to parenting that often doesn’t happen: telling a child “no,” and meaning it. I know, sounds crazy, right? Let me explain.

I didn’t come to this understanding by reading a book or attending a seminar. It’s not some new preachy parenting technique I’m trying to foist upon you, either. It’s a realization that occurred to me a few years ago that started with myself and bled over to my children. It started with me discovering Read More


Between 7:46-7:49 every Tuesday and Friday evening, I cycle through intense waves of disappointment and depression as I digest the fact that I have, YET AGAIN, been passed over by the California Mega Millions Lottery. It used to take a lot longer for the tightness in my chest to subside, but I’ve condensed the grieving process down to less than five minutes these days. I guess that’s what happens when something as fragile as hope is sullied over and over again. It becomes hard and ugly, and each new assault is less apparent. Read More

Elle Davis

Those Unexpected Moments

Just like most other things, this didn’t go as planned. I thought I would make this sidewalk chalk paint, sit on our patio while watching my 4 year-old paint, and relax a little while doing so.

Hahahaha! Read More

Coco Enriquez

Crap Jobs and Big Girl Pants

In my 27+ years of living, I have had my fair share of crap jobs…

At the ripe age of 15, I was a roller girl at Sonic Drive-In. The entire 2 months I held this job, I was scared for my life. I would strap on my roller skates each day and roll out to the windows of burger-craving patrons. It would take me longer than most to actually make it to the window of each customer because Read More