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Can I love fashion and makeup and still be a feminist? This question has plagued me my entire life.

Can makeup and fashion be a tool for self-expression and not a means to hide or conform to society?

When I was 19 I was in Australia visiting our high school exchange student and my best friend, Maree. We went to an all day picnic one Saturday with some other exchange students who had gathered in Sydney. At one point we were all sitting on a blanket, enjoying the day, when one of the guys turned to me and said, Read More


I’ve been accused of being a mean mom.  I’ve been accused of being a strict mom.  I have been accused of treating my teen like a baby.  All of these accusations have come from my teen, and mostly in response to house rules about technology or screen time.  He will say that all of his friends get to do “x, y, and z” and my response always starts the same way: “Your friends’ moms don’t love them as much as I love you.”  He hates that response, but always gives a defeated smile because he knows that the conversation that follows is about the reason why there are restrictions.  Read More

Bryanne E. Salazar

I Thought I Was One of Them

I grew up a mixed breed among Mexican immigrants in California, and for the first ten years of my life, I thought I was one of them. My mother, a practitioner of free-love, told me and our family, that my biological father was a Mexican man, and that was the only tidbit about his identity she knew. For ten years, trips to our local Mexican restaurant, and crispy bites of tortilla chips dunked in cool tomato salsa felt like a link to half of my heritage. Read More


Most pregnant women end up in one form of maternity clothing or another at some point during their pregnancy. At least maternity pants—it’s not possible to button jeans over a uterus that just won’t quit. Read More