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Jessica Cribbs

Producing Past Cancer

My mother always forbade me to cut off my breasts. It was something we went back and forth on frequently. I saw what the breast cancer had done to her the first and second time and what she had went through in her mastectomy, so I told her that if the opportunity came, I’d have them removed. My mother would literally raise her finger to me, snarl and order me not to do it, simply for the sake of doing it.

I never promised her I wouldn’t. Read More


She said, “You Are a Failure”

She said, “You are a failure.”

And I think – why would you say that to me? I am a mom who is an executive producer on tv shows, owns my own home, takes care of my family and in my spare time has taken to doing marathons and triathlons.

But she continued, “You are overweight which makes you a bad example for your child. You never stick to a diet. You never stick to your workout routine. You lack consistency in anything you do. If you just used a little willpower, you’d actually succeed.”

I think but don’t say: Sure I could lose 20 pounds, but I think I look okay. And I wish I could stick to Read More


Doing Time In The NICU

I had every intention of breastfeeding, but like everything else that goes along with mommyhood, it didn’t go as planned. My daughter was in the NICU for the first 3 weeks of her life. It was agonizing for my husband and I. I’ll never forget when I had to leave the hospital without her, looking back to see her empty car seat. Longing to have her home with me.

She had low blood sugar and I was constantly asked if I had a glucose test by doctors every day, sometimes several times a day, for 21 days. When I was pregnant I took the 1 hour glucose test and it came back “slightly elevated”. Then I took a 3 hour glucose test and the doctor called and said Read More


The Sleepover

My husband, Peter is having some minor heart surgery. Irregular heart beat. So they do what’s called an ablation. Pretty common, but a little scary nonetheless. I mean, it’s his heart, right? My husband’s heart. He has to stay overnight in the hospital and I want to be there with him as much as possible. I want to make sure no one amputates his leg accidentally or gives him a tiny blue pill instead of the Read More