Why We Need Feminism

When you have a girl body you get used to it. Misogyny. An ever present hum that you ignore because you are too busy doing all the things that boy bodies do—sometimes better, sometimes worse, most often the same. You...Read More
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  • Danielle’s Favorite Fall Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

    This is one of my favorite go-to fall recipes because it’s easy, ridiculously tasty, and also super healthy. I splurge and buy the pre-chopped butternut squash (and sometimes even the pre-chopped onion…shhh….don’t tell anyone!), and...

  • “It’s Like Santa… For Your Vagina!”

    Add this to our ever-growing list of favorite period-related ads....

  • Fears
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Seasons of Depression
    Crystal Ponti

    Seasons of Depression

    An old cherry tree sits just outside my bedroom window. For several seasons I’ve watched it blossom to life—ripening with evergreen and fruit. I’ve also witnessed that life slowly drifting away in the cool autumn breeze. As the branches empty one by one, I sit and gaze without expression.

    Each leaf that falls reminds me of a ten-year-old girl buried deep in a closet, hiding behind bags of old clothes. Ashamed of the tears, she desperately tries to hide her sorrow from the world. A tattered Mickey Mouse muffles her sobs. READ MORE

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  • He Said “Get Help or We’re Through”

    “Get help or we’re through. You’re not the woman I married,” my husband, Jim, said to me....

  • What I Wish I Would Have Known About Body Image

    Nothing hits a girl’s self-esteem harder than middle school and high school. Suddenly, you go from the happy-go-lucky girl playing outside, getting bruises, and generally not worrying about how you look to a girl who obsesses about her ap...

  • Fears
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - The Navy Yard Shooting: Close To Home
    Elle Davis

    The Navy Yard Shooting: Close To Home

    I’ve never had anything like this hit so close to home before and I’m in such disbelief. My head was swirling around with the faces of the people my husband and I know who work at the Navy Yard. My husband’s former coworkers and our friends. The agony of not knowing if they’re safe or if we will later find out that they were a victim of such an unbelievable tradegy. READ MORE

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  • Watch Out, Kid

    This little boy is having a whale of a time! Was that a bad pun? This video is so cute, we don’t care....

  • Five Fun DIY Projects For Spring (That I Will Never Ever Ever Ever Do)

    Never say never ever ever ever. Listen, if you’re crafty, I admire you. I do. And I kind of get it. You have a mission. You gather supplies. You sit down and do something with your hands for a while. It’s soothing, I’m sur...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - And Then She Shouted, "She Doesn't Have Kids!"
    Erin K Moffat

    And Then She Shouted, “She Doesn’t Have Any Kids!”

    The controversial new TIME cover reads, “The Childfree Life: When Having It All Means Not Having Children.”

    As someone without kids, I can tell you that I live in my grandmother’s basement, and I don’t have it all. I think “having it all” has an exclusive meaning to each individual—your life should be your decision. Someone once said to me, “I believe women can have it all, but not all at once.”

    What is “having it all” anyway?

    People always want something better, or something more. I’m not even talking about the other debate of settling for something that you don’t want. With or without the family, are we as people ever satisfied? READ MORE

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  • This Cute Baby is Learning How To Flex His Muscles With Dad

    And it looks like Dad loves it just as much as his kid does! File this under “cute things we need to watch over and over again.”...

  • Baby’s First Walk Interrupted By Dog Poop

    This puppy couldn’t help but steal the thunder from baby as she takes her first steps ever! Or…maybe he just got a little too excited that she finally walked? Either way, the ending of this video will literally have you in tears...

  • FearsYoungsters
    Laura Diamond

    Hanging Up The iPhone

    Knowing your gut and standing by it is the holy grail of parenthood.

    As a mom of two boys, twelve and eight, there are some circumstances where it’s easy to follow my gut: swimming lessons, completed homework, good manners. Other times I waver, caving to “please” for junk food (why must Gatorade be so red, Cheetos so orange?).

    Right now my gut tells me to bury my twelve-year-old son’s smartphone in a cement grave. But do I have the fortitude to do it? READ MORE

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  • Baby-Inspired Workout

    No more expensive workout DVDs! This dad has discovered the Baby Workout....

  • How To Fix A Pilled Sweater in 5 Minutes With Two Things You Already Have in Your House

    The best part about having a friend that you have known all your life, or is as close to you as a sister would be (if you had a sister), is that she can tell you anything – no holds barred. Such is the friendship I have with my bestie. No...

  • Fears
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Life-versary
    Erin K Moffat


    I’m quickly approaching my _ _ th birthday which is oh so close to _ _. Ahhhh!  For some reason turning _ _ is really hard for me. Turning _ _ wasn’t nearly as difficult.

    I should celebrate with that kick ass 80’s prom party that I wanted to have when I turned _ _, 5 years ago. I should be excited that I’m having a Life-versary thanks to my mom carrying me in her body for 9 months and transporting me into the world. Thanks mom, I truly do appreciate it! READ MORE

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  • Are YOU Smarter Than a 5 Year Old?

    Everything I know about the power of resilience, I've learned from my kids. Let me explain. When my kids want something, they pursue it. Doggedly, persistently, enthusiastically. Whether it's reading one more book, getting one more co...

  • 5 Quick, Healthier Breakfasts For Picky Eaters

    It’s often challenging to get a good breakfast into our picky little eaters, especially when time is limited. The problem with cold cereal, though it is fast, is it doesn’t stay with us long, and we’re soon hungry again. Don’t get m...