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Expressing Motherhood

New Challenge

Since my last show ended, Expresing Motherhood, a little over a month ago, I haven’t scheduled another one which means I haven’t been as attached to my iPhone. I’ve been reading “The Big Disconnect,” by *&%&^% a must read. The author gives you statistics and science behind the impact that screen time is having on adults, kids and families. It’s hard to read. Read More

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Expressing Motherhood
Lindsay Kavet

Strong Enough

Recently I was at a city park and I saw a tall, strong man dressed in all black and wearing some clunky jewelry put his 4 year-old boy into a tree. The boy started asking to be let down.

People started to look at the man and the boy.

The dad did not let the boy down.

The boy started to cry, he was pleading with his dad to let him down.

The dad seemed ashamed his boy was crying and he left him there for too long. Read More

Expressing Motherhood


What is it anyway?

When it comes to motherhood, normal is… well, anything but.

You might think you have it all figured out before that first baby comes. Heck, I’m sure we think we’ve got it all figured out before we even conceive, or attempt to, anyway. You make your birth plan, the nursery is perfectly set up in a way even Pottery Barn would be envious of and you fantasize day in and day out of the lovely strolls up and down the neighborhood you’ll take with your new wee one, teaching the child about the pretty leaves on the trees.

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Expressing Motherhood

The Nighttime Routine is Killing Me

Putting my three kids to bed has become one of my least favorite parts of the day.

Two nights a week I do it solo.

I realize a lot of you do it solo 7 nights a week, I’m lucky that my husband helps me 5 out of 7 nights. Up until 3 nights ago I had to sit on the floor of my boys room until the youngest fell asleep. It was a multi-hour long affair. It usually ended with me swearing and stomping away. Read More

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Expressing Motherhood

The best part of my day is…

… when I manage to find a few moments to myself, in a quiet and empty house. I sit in my favorite chair and read a good book, with a cup of coffee flavored with a yummy creamer. It is calming, rejuvenating, nourishing, and…

Wait!! I mean, the best part of my day is when I pick my kids up after work! Yes! I love that moment! And then the hours at home of playtime, and reading, and homework! It’s the best part of my day!

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