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Betsy Shaw

Open Door Confession

My kids are six and ten and I still can’t stand to close their bedroom doors at night. Just like when they were babies, I often wake in the night sure that one or both of them might be in distress. If I leave the doors open between us, I feel like a better mom. With doors open, the slightest noise – a sneeze, or cough, the sound of breathing, or not breathing, or swallowing, or rolling over, or sleep talking, sends my head sproinging off the pillow, and my ears stretching out the door, into the hall and around the corner – the better to hear them with.

“Who’s dying?” I think, Read More

Elle Davis

Oh Sh*t!

My favorite word is f*ck. It can be used in many different situations and it’s so expressive. Since I had my daughter 3 years ago I have tried my best to watch what I say as far as cursing. Sometimes I do okay, other times not so much. I find that stepping on a Lego will make you spew forth every imaginable curse word you can think of… Read More


Please Don’t Break Your Penis

The toddler tantrum can come at any moment. Your day (or night) can go from Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy to Holy-F***ing-Sh**-Balls in less than 2 seconds. And that is exactly how it went down in my house last night.

It was just a simple bath. 2 toddlers, 1 bath, 7pm. This is how we do it. Read More


Terms & Conditions of the Hypothetical Lottery

Have you ever thought of how you’d spend your money if you won the lotto? Where you’d go? What you’d buy? What you’d save? If you’d become an E True Hollywood Story?

I always tell people that I’m going to win the lotto. One problem…I never play the lotto (Okay, well rarely). I like getting a lotto ticket on a special occasion. I don’t care how many scratch off lotto tickets are losers. I find Read More