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12 Reasons I Wouldn’t Do Reality TV

One of my favorite bloggers was just offered a reality tv show by HGTV.  In my anticipation of her show’s airing, it got me thinking, “What would I say if someone offered to film my family for a television show?”  Not that it would ever happen, but the short answer is NO.  The long answer is NO and here’s why:

Top 12 Reasons I Wouldn’t Do Reality TV

1.  My kids think that clothing is optional at home.

2.  I have three boys.  They spend a lot of their time thinking and talking about butts, and poop, and farts.  For instance, the two big boys think it’s hysterical that when they question Little Kid, “What is half poodle and half poodle?”, he responds, “Poo Poo!” Read More

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Elena Drake

This is 30

Hi. Welcome. This is 30.

Rather, this is my 30 which is totally different from your 30. I know what you’re thinking: “everyone thinks they’re different slash special slash remarkable”. Well, my thirties are at least one of those things, I assure you. Let me break it down real quick:

I turned 30 this last September. I have 5 kids. I repeat: FIVE KIDS. That is not a typo. I had my eldest when I was 17 and then 4 more over the course of the next decade give or take a few years. My middle child has autism. I’m also divorced and making an attempt to date (we’ll touch on that later). I work full time in Los Angeles and spend about 5 hours a day commuting. Read More


If you’re reading this post then let me offer you congratulations, you successfully survived the holidays. You didn’t let your family, or your in-laws drive you stark raving mad, and while you may have self-medicated (no one ever did figure out where that extra bottle of wine disappeared to) you won’t hear any judging coming from me. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!

Now that the unwrapping frenzy is over and the kids have already forgotten who gave them what gift, it’s time to get back to the normal life of being a mom. Read More

Elle Davis

My Bells Rolled Off the Stage

When I was younger and living in Small Town, USA, my grammar school would have a Christmas Pagent for each grade from K-6. It was quite an event in my small town and we would have it in a big auditorium.

My grandfather’s wife would always make me the best costumes and when I was in kindergarten or 1st grade, I had to dress up as an elf. Yeah, there’s not enough humiliation when you’re a kid but hey, let’s make you dress up as an elf as well! Woo hoo!
There were some bells that were sewn onto my shoes and before we went on stage I kept on making sure I wasn’t going to have any bell issues. Read More


The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and the Jew

I have never been to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  I have never been to Christmas party for that matter.  I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, joined a predominantly Jewish sorority in college, and moved to a predominantly Jewish neighborhood when I had kids so the opportunity never arose.  The majority of my friends have always been Jewish.  Until now.  Four and a half years ago, I moved to a quaint country town where the landscape was abound rolling hills, and on top of one sat a synagogue, but the Jewish population was not even a full one percent of the neighborhood.  The friendships I developed were with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and religions – how wonderful for me!  We get to share in each other’s holiday traditions; I get to teach their children how to play dreidel and they, in turn, they invite me to join in their Christmas festivities. Read More

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