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10 Reasons Tweens are Better than Toddlers

My oldest daughter recently turned eleven and started middle school. Therefore, we are jumping headfirst into “tweendom” and I’ve been doing more than my fair share of looking back.

Honestly, I have entered this phase of parenthood guardedly because I have heard so many cautionary tales about tweens. I’ve gotten warnings about the impending hormonal meltdowns, mean girls, bullying, and the bad behavior on social media that many tween parents have experienced. I frequently hear comments such as “Oh, you’re in for it now!” Read More

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Pick Your Brain

There are several special moments in a parent’s life when you think “What the f***, kid??” Monday morning was one of those special moments. We’ve all been sick and I had spent most of the night not sleeping while the hummingbird slept soundly in my bed, kicking the crap out of me.

I finally fell asleep only to later be woken up to her standing on my head while she grabbed my phone and started watching Curious George. She soon hopped out of bed and walked downstairs to where my husband had been sleeping on the couch since there wasn’t any more room in our bed.

I think it was the stuffed octopus in the bed poking me in the back that woke me up but I also heard screaming from the hummingbird. When I ran to her room, I saw her laying down and freaking the hell out while my hubby was trying to get a wad of tissue that the hummingbird somehow stuck WAY, WAY up her nose. Read More

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Confession: I’m a Twilight fan.

Around this time a few years back I was wallowing in my post-Twilight (novels) slump when the heavens opened, a ray of light shined down on me and some random person on Twitter introduced me to Fanfiction.net.

Behold, the world of fan fiction. It’s a many splendid thing. There’s fanfic for just about every book, movie or T.V. show Read More

Angela Keck

Why I Boycott School Fundraisers

When my daughter first started Kindergarten I was determined to be one of those amazing parents who manages to be involved in everything and participates in everything, including the school fundraisers.  The school needs funds raised? I’m your girl!  My daughter and I would hit the neighborhood streets peddling everything from cookie dough to gift wrap.  All of which we knew was crazy overpriced, but would rationalize it by saying “It’s for a good cause”, because what could be better than our children’s education??  Nothing, that’s what! Read More

Linda Wolff

The Messiness of Parenting

Parenting is a messy job. Definitely not for the faint of heart. So instead of making a list of New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to make a list of when I really shined or didn’t shine as a parent last year. However, in an effort to protect the innocent (and the not so innocent), and the fact I can barely remember what happened yesterday, I’m sticking to a few things that seem glaringly apparent to me today.

Not so shiny:

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“Comparison Is the Thief of Joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt said that.

“Just Put Your Blinders On, Mama.” – I said that.

I’ll be completely honest. I have a tendency to look at those around me and compare myself. More often than not it leads to an insane amount of self-doubt. I have struggled with this all my adult life. Oh my God, she’s perfect! Is her house nicer than mine? Is our marriage as strong as theirs? She’s totally skinnier than me. Her family is amazing. How is she so Read More