Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - New Facebook Buttons
Deva Dalporto

New Facebook Buttons

So rumor has it Facebook is going to install a “sympathy” button so we can all avoid that uncomfortable moment when something bad happens to one of our “friends” and we don’t know whether to “like” it to show support or not. I mean, how do you “like” when someone’s dog dies? AWWWKWARD. Which got me thinking, there’s a few more buttons I’d like to suggest to the peeps at Facebook: READ MORE

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  • Favorite Things: Ripley Rader Jumpsuits

    You’re gonna love this! I am always in search of that perfect pair of black pants, or that perfect pair of jeans or that dress that makes me look the way I wish I looked. Hope springs eternal which is why shopping was invented and why...

  • Things That Are Not Okay

    Driving safely is a passion of mine. Car crashes are the #1 cause of death to young people yet for some reason we aren’t doing enough to change this or even talk about it. Every day around 110 Americans die in car crashes and most are...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - What Is Perimenopause?
    Kristen Daukas

    What Is Perimenopause?

    I’m pretty blessed in the fact that I have never suffered from PMS.


    Until about 3 years ago. READ MORE

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  • Kids Going Crazy For 4th Of July Fireworks

    Remember lighting your first fireworks during the 4th of July? It was pretty much the most epic day of your life, right? Well, these kids are having their first experience, and as their uncle writes in the YouTube description, “simple...

  • Caution, Children at Play

    On the days that Esther, my ten year old, doesn’t bring her computer home from school, she drops her bags and is out the door, galloping towards the barn or into the trees behind our house....

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Who Are You To Judge Me?
    Angela Keck

    Who Are You To Judge Me?

    Are you so perfect that you feel entitled to sit back and look for others’ flaws? Who appointed you the ruler by which all the rest of us should be measured to determine if we are successful or failures?

    If I choose to do something—anything—in a way other than the way you do it does that automatically mean I do it wrong? Have you ever considered for even a moment that others may find fault with the way you do things? READ MORE

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  • Recipe: Salad Dinner or Dinner Salad

    I love salads. I don’t mean that I love them more than lasagna or German Chocolate cake, but being the in the profession I am in, I can’t eat as much lasagna and cake as I would like (every day). So over the years I have searched and fo...

  • TV Mom Tuesday: Days Like Today

    Today’s TV Mom Tuesday clip features one of our favorite moms, Clair Huxtable, from The Cosby Show. She’s just having one of those days, and no one seems to get it! Can you relate?...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - The Vultures Are Waiting
    Marcia Kester Doyle

    The Vultures Are Waiting

    My daughter convinced me to watch The Rachel Zoe Project on the cable network, and as I’m staring at these twenty-one-year-old, anorexic-looking models, I’m thinking two thoughts: 1)Someone should tie these girls down and force-feed them doughnuts, and 2) Was I ever that young? READ MORE

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  • Baby’s First Word: BACON!

    Forget Mom and Dad, this baby wants bacon!...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Pink Shmink
    Expressing Motherhood

    Pink Shmink

    It’s not like I hate pink. I don’t.

    Actually, quite the contrary. I love pink. It’s my favorite color. I just don’t like one month dedicated to a disease. I don’t like the hype surrounding a specific color of ribbon to sell products and services that don’t really have anything to do with breast cancer. I don’t like to read about how very little of that money actually goes to breast cancer research. READ MORE

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  • Reflections on 2012

    It has been a dense year, triumph and tragedy, the endless election. We have witnessed the best of humanity and some of the worst. The courage and magnanimity of our nation’s heros, large and small, has humbled me. The worst has made me d...

  • You Want Me To Do WHAT To My Kid’s Food?

    After a routine 15 month check up for our youngest, we were told she needed to gain weight before her 18 month check up. She’s always been small: small boned, shorter than my other children, skinny, light eater, and has never gained a...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Cat Puke, Crisis And Honesty
    Cissy White

    Cat Puke, Crisis And Honesty

    I’m going to post a photo of cat puke as my Facebook status or maybe just my broken air conditioner. I’m tired of the parade of adorable smiling children, close ups of flowers and panoramic shots of mountains and oceans at sunset.

    I’ve had it with the never-before make-up shots of smiling and single women trying to be age-appropriate and sexy saying, “Notice me” – all of which I have posted, in the last month. READ MORE

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  • My Childless Basket

    Ok, so I’m single and childless. It seems as if everyone keeps reminding me that my biological clock is tick tick ticking… I’m fairly certain that I will get asked at some point this week, “Don’t you want kids?” Strangers as...

  • It’s Not Over Martini

    I know school has already started in many areas; in fact, my own kids are going back on Monday. I suppose I should technically post some apple-y cocktail to coincide with it, but I am holding onto these final weeks of summer with a white-kn...