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My daughter convinced me to watch The Rachel Zoe Project on the cable network, and as I’m staring at these twenty-one-year-old, anorexic-looking models, I’m thinking two thoughts: 1)Someone should tie these girls down and force-feed them doughnuts, and 2) Was I ever that young? Read More

ComplaintsMind, Body, Spirit

It’s not like I hate pink. I don’t.

Actually, quite the contrary. I love pink. It’s my favorite color. I just don’t like one month dedicated to a disease. I don’t like the hype surrounding a specific color of ribbon to sell products and services that don’t really have anything to do with breast cancer. I don’t like to read about how very little of that money actually goes to breast cancer research. Read More

Cissy White

Cat Puke, Crisis And Honesty

I’m going to post a photo of cat puke as my Facebook status or maybe just my broken air conditioner. I’m tired of the parade of adorable smiling children, close ups of flowers and panoramic shots of mountains and oceans at sunset.

I’ve had it with the never-before make-up shots of smiling and single women trying to be age-appropriate and sexy saying, “Notice me” – all of which I have posted, in the last month. Read More


I swore I’d never have kids. I was in my 20′s, full of hope and cynical as hell. I thought people that had kids were selfish, afraid to fade into obscurity and hoping to live on in their children. I thought it took much more courage to NOT have kids, to not contribute to overpopulation, environmental impacts, and the general degradation of the human race. Why would I burden society and the Earth with yet another soul to Read More


So, Mary Poppins has this thing with a spoonful of sugar, right? 

But has Mary Poppins ever had to wait 40 minutes with three children at CVS on a Friday night for a prescription? This would be a medicine the pediatrician told you that your child would not get better without, and that it would “not taste pleasant”….that you’d “certainly want to mix it with something” to make it go down a little easier.

Right. Read More


My friend M and I both came to motherhood via a roundabout kind of way—she after almost a decade of IVF, and myself, after the diagnosis of a rare blood disorder that had been causing me to miscarry for years. We became fast friends soon after learning that we share a passion for warm weather, Sangria, and pants with a bit of stretch. Read More