We’ve Got Spirit

What The Flicka is excited to partner with DreamWorks Animation on We’ve Got Spirit – a collection of fun videos inspired by the studio’s heartwarming series Spirit Riding Free and its new line of children’s toys. Streaming exclusively on Netflix, Spirit Riding Free follows a city-turned-country girl Lucky, ​a horse named Spirit, and Lucky’s two best friends, Pru and Abigail, as they go on exciting adventures and discover what it means to be free.

Kids Teach

Join some of our favorite mom influencers as their kids teach them how to manage some of life’s stresses and play like no one’s watching. Each week we will feature a new video where our little teachers give some pretty interesting advice.

Kids Teach: Health & Well-Being Kids Teach: Health & Well-Being

Our young teachers have great insight on how to stay healthy so their parents have more energy to play.
Featured product: Spirit Riding Free Exclusive 3 Horse Boxed Set.

Kids Teach: Time Management Kids Teach: Time Management

Parents get some good advice on how to manage their "To Do" list so they have more time to play.
Featured product: Spirit Riding Free Paint Kit.

Kids Teach: Relationships Kids Teach: Relationships

Therapist-shmerapist... these awesome kids give their parents relationship advice so the family can spend more quality time together.
Featured product: Spirit & Lucky Deluxe Feeding Set.

Kids Teach: Work-Life Balance Kids Teach: Work-Life Balance

Kids provide tips on how to log off and unplug after a long work day so their parents can focus and spend more time playing.
Featured product: Spirit Riding Free Barn Play Set.

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They Have Spirit

Here are some awesome families having a great time with their new Spirit toys. Check out their videos below, and come back each week as we add even more!