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Spiked Monster Halloween Cocktail

Hola Amigos! This one is for mom and dad only. Once in a blue moon (no pun intended) I like to enjoy a cocktail while watching TV or just checking out other blogs. I like mine sweet, what a surprise, right?…so this one fits the bill!

My little monster friend here is basically a White Russian with ice cream instead of cream. You could totally make the original version and then just call it a” ghost” if you wanted to, I just couldn’t pass the opportunity of using this amazing Blue Moon ice cream I found at the store the other day…and since it’s Halloween, why not!

Also at the store I found a new Cool Whip Topping Frosting! I really like it! It’s thick, holds well just like frosting, and you just keep it in your refrigerator. I think it’s perfect for these kinds of drinks.

This is sweeter than the traditional drink, but don’t be fooled by the sweetness—it’s still spiked so be careful, lol!

Have a happy Halloween and remember my friends: everything tastes better with a pinch of love!


1 oz Vodka
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz French Vanilla Coffee Creamer (to clean any residue of the dark Kahlua)
1/2 Cup Blue Moon Ice Cream (for the blue monster) or vanilla bean/plain cream (for the ghost)
Whip Cream Frosting , Oreo cookies and edible sugar eyes for decor

Put everything in a blender (if using ice cream) and blend everything together until smooth. Top with whip cream frosting and sugar eyes. If using just plain cream put all in a shaker and shake your little heart out until everything is mixed.

Prep time 3 minutes, serves 1 (3/4 Cup) cocktail

This post was originally published on Lizy’s blog, Just Dip It In Chocolate.

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