Not-Quite-Tween Books

When my Mother died almost three years ago, along with my world turning inside out, I somehow developed an appetite for young adult literature. I am sure I wanted something comforting and captivating. I revisited old favorites and found new loves. It coincided with my daughter’s tastes in books changing; they were seven and nine at the time and were ready to start devouring books themselves. There are fabulous writers for this age range but sometimes finding great books that are still age appropriate for my daughters can be tough. I loved the Twilight series, but I am not ready for my children to dive into them yet. I tend to lean to old fashioned great storytelling. Here is what my 11 year old has been reading lately (I read them first just to check).

Bridge to Terabithia – Katherine Paterson

Faith, Hope and Ivy June – Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

The 39 Clues (all the books! Great on CD too,                                                                                                                                             for the car)

The Name of This Book is Secret – Pseudonymous Bosch (there are 4 books in the series).


Because it has been rainy and a little chilly here in L.A.  (I know everything is relative, and after living in Southern California for 15 years, anything below seventy degrees makes me run for my fleecy), my whole family has been fighting a cold and sore throat. So this week’s tea is Traditional Medicine’s Throat Coat. My girls love it with honey and lemon. If I really need a kick I stir in a little cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It’s yummy and feels like it’s burning the “sick” right out of me.

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