Soap Making 101: Tales From a Soap Making Virgin

While I’ve been making skin care products like lip balms and body butter for a while, soap making has been one thing I haven’t had the courage to tackle. To be honest I’ve been terrified because it’s out of my comfort zone…and I didn’t know what in the hell I was doing. I was a soap making virgin and when I saw a soap recipe I liked, I let it sit amongst the books on my nightstand for at least 6 months.

Over the weekend, while my husband and daughter were out of the house, I decided feck it, I was going to pop my soap making cherry. Then I decided hell no, it seems too scary. I went back and forth for a while. What can I say, I’m such a tease. Plus, the list of ingredients and the tools I needed all seemed overwhelming.

But alas, I finally decided “now’s the time” and once I started getting my supplies together, it really didn’t seem too bad. It was actually therapeutic. Just me, all alone in the house, not having to rush around – just doing something for myself. You might be thinking; why make your own soap when you can buy it at the store, crazy soap lady? I’ll tell you why: You have control of the ingredients and it’s nice to use natural when you can. Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t live without my Olay night cream or my Garnier eye serum. Still, it’s nice to accomplish something like this and feel all “Little House On The Prairie”.

I decided to make an exfoliating hand soap with coffee. Ooooh! It’s Vanilla Latte Bar soap. I used goat’s milk because it’s so moisturizing and soothes dry skin. This is a great hand soap to have in the kitchen as it helps to absorb smells like fish and onions while leaving your hands as soft as a baby’s bum. Make sure not to use it on your face as it would be too harsh.

Below is a list of ingredients and the supplies you’ll need. They’re available at great shops like Bramble Berry and From Nature With Love. Remember not to freak out. It’s just soap after all!

– 2 pounds goat’s milk melt-and-pour suspension (908 g) 2 tbsp.
– goat’s milk powder (30 ml)
– 2 tbsp. hot water (30 ml)
– 2 tsps. honey(10 ml)
– 1 tbsp. vanilla flavored coffee (15 ml)
– 2 tbsp. coffee grounds (30 ml) 1 tablespoon vanilla essential oil, divided in half (15 ml)

See, that wasn’t so bad. Now breathe and get your tools together. No, I don’t mean that tool ex-boyfriend of yours. Tool tools. Take a sip of wine if needed.