So Your Kid Wants to be a Tree for Halloween…

A few years ago, the most creative of my 3 boys stated that wanted to be an autumn tree for Halloween. Really, kid? REALLY??? I was stumped. (Ha!) After some brainstorming I came up with a great and easy way to make his Halloween wish come true – the boy would be a tree.

Items Needed:
Brown clothes (shoes, pants, shirt, hoodie)
Autumn leaf garland
Large safety pins
Brown spray paint

I started with brown shoes, socks, pants, shirt and hoodie, in case it happened to be cold on Halloween. At the craft store, I picked up 5 6ft-lengths of autumn tree garland, large safety pins, brown spray paint and got to work. Before doing anything else, I coated all of the safety pins with the brown spray paint, so I could attach the garland and no one would see the pins. (Brilliant, amiright?) Next, I had him dress in his brown duds and wrapped 1 strand of the autumn garland up each arm, fastening it with a few safety pins. Then, I wrapped 3 more pieces of garland around his shoulders and chest, continuing to fasten them with the safety pins and making sure they blended with his arms/limbs. Finally, I left the last string of autumn garland twist tied in a circle and attached them to the top of his hood, to be the tree top. I must say, I loved how it turned out and it is my favorite costume so far. (Even though some people thought he was a pile of leaves, instead of the tree that he was. Amateurs.)

Stay tuned for some kid friendly Halloween recipes from Lauren coming soon! What are your kids dressing up as this year?