Snowman Socks In July

Last week when I dropped my daughter off at preschool, she was wearing a Christmas t-shirt that said “fa la la la la,” snowman socks, and a pink flower sunhat. Since last year, she’s been obsessed with Santa Clause (Sabby to her) and before that, she developed a love for hats. A few weeks ago, my husband took her with him to run errands and she didn’t want to leave the house without her bright pink tutu and sparkly pink shoes with a pajama shirt.

She has more costume changes a day than the Spice Girls concert my younger sister dragged me to eons ago. I think I’m even doing more laundry now than when she was a baby.

Letting my 3 year-old pick out her own clothes (I do help guide her at times) was something I never gave any thought to before I became a mom. I remember my mom picking out my clothes through most of grammer school.

Sure I buy her clothes, so technically I pick them out, but it’s she who puts her outfits together. Before that, I found that trying to get my child out of the house without the “right” hat or jacket was a no win situation for both of us, so I started to let her have more of a say.

There’s so much that my husband and I control in our daughter’s life and this is one way  she can express herself. So what if I may be slightly embarrassed that she’s wearing snowman socks in July and worry what her teachers at preschool might think. Seeing the pride she has when she can say she dressed herself makes up for it.

The one time we really got some strange looks was last Halloween. The little hummingbird only wanted to go as “Sabby”. I loved that idea (plus she already had a Santa costume) and my husband even got into it, maybe a little too much, by getting a Santa Clause costume for himself. Sure we got stares our way and really confused the hell out of the other kids trick or treating, but the three of us had a great time.

So, if you see a little girl wearing Frosty The Snowman socks, with shorts, and a candy cane t-shirt, you’ll know whose kid it is.

Hmmm, maybe we should try this out too. It’s kind of hard to have a bad day when you’re wearing awesome snowman socks.

Do you pick out your child’s daily outfits or do they?

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